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Mass Street Music new logoIn October of 2013 we launched our store’s new Mass Street Music website, and renovated the store at 1347 Mass Street to celebrate our 30th Anniversary! If you’ve missed our news, please check out our store’s NEWS BLOG here. We’ll be updating MassResonator soon. Our most recent newsletters are posted below!

October 2013
30th Anniversary Party News
October Staff Picks

December 2013
Best of 2013 Staff Gear Picks
Our favorite Top 10 Accessories of 2013
Repair Spotlight: 2013 Roundup and an old painted guitar

 2014 Free Workshop Series:

Workshop graphic with Jack Black school of rockDon’t miss our upcoming 2014 Free Workshop Series!
All workshops are at our store at 1347 Mass St. in Lawrence – 3PM

Jan. 18 – Fender Focus: the Vaporizer Tube Amp & new reissued Fender guitars (Starcaster & Coronado)

Saturday, Jan. 25 – New pedals including JHS Panther Cub Delay, Skreddy BC-109 + more

Saturday, Feb. 1 – Compressor & Booster Pedals

Saturday, Feb. 8 – Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Saturday, Feb. 15 – Multi-Effect Pedals


Mass Street Music News – September 2013!

The store is a hive of activity today as we are heading out to the annual Winfield music festival. But that’s not the only thing keeping us busy at the store. The renovations are moving along at a faster clip with the second ‘electric’ room now painted. We don’t mind saying we love the way the store is looking right now. We have more surprises up our sleeves so stay tuned.

Electric room at Mass Street Music

The electric room is freshly painted and much brighter! Next up? The ‘loud room’ gets a makeover…

Grand Re-Opening Party Nov. 7, 8 & 9!
We are happy to announce our Grand Re-Opening and official 30th Anniversary Celebration – and you’re invited! As you may know, we’ve been revamping the store and we’re also putting the finishing touches on a brand new website which will be more user friendly. You can be sure we are going to celebrate the renewal of Mass Street Music with not one but three days of live music, food & great giveaways on Thursday, Friday and Saturday – November 7, 8 & 9! Mark your calendars now – it’s going to be a 3 day blast…even on into the evening on Friday and Saturday. More details are forthcoming and you’ll be the first to know.

Jim B and John F, along with Mass Street luthier Josh Baldridge and our friend Andy, are all headed to Winfield, where our Taylor buddy Eric Sakimoto will join us for the Walnut Valley Festival! They headed out Wednesday morning! If you’re there, stop by our booth and say hi. More on Mass Street Music at Winfield is in this newsletter.

Mass Street Music crew heads to Winfield 2013

Josh, Jim, John and Andy headed off to Winfield Wednesday morning – with a horse trailer full of guitars!


Mass Street Music Winfield special shirt front

Luthier Josh showing off the front of a special Winfield shirt we had printed up by Lawrence’s own Jeff Eaton (Pride of Gumbo printing!)


Mass Street Music special Winfield checklist shirt back

The back, which boss Jim came up with! He’s lived through most of these – who knows what this year will bring…


Electric Gear
While the cat’s away the mice will play! Shhhh – don’t tell the boss. Since Jim, John and Josh are centered on acoustics this week, the rest of us at the store will be cranking it up with electric gear! There are several markdowns on guitars and amps plus we are loaded with some great used and new pedals right now, so if electric is your thing, stop by the store this week and turn it up!

October Workshops & Clinics
Be sure to check out the bottom of the newsletter for two great workshops – David Grier Guitar Workshop on Oct 12 and Recording & Sound 101 Free Workshop on Oct 19. We also have plenty of great concert ticket giveaways always going on, including Bela Fleck and more.

Tuesday Night Concerts
We’re proud to be a sponsor of the annual Tuesday Night Concerts at the Lawrence Arts Center, which just got underway for the fall season. Each concert features a unique musical artist or band, in the intimate setting of the Art Center’s lobby – and it’s free though there is a tip jar, and we encourage you to support live music and this great series by contributing if you can. Each show gets underway at 7:30 pm and lasts just about an hour or so. It’s an excellent opportunity to hear a diverse line up of talented artists.




Small Space, Big Tone: Best Grab & Go Guitar Gear

At Mass Street, we hold firm to the belief that you can make great music, no matter where you are. This month, we take a look at the best compact, grab & go setups to help you get the most from your music in situations where you might not have the luxury of a dedicated jam space. Whether you’re stuck in a cubicle at the office, in a tiny dorm room, or your lawn chair on a last-minute camping trip, we’ve got the solution. All of these rigs offer a compact setup, real value and quality, and feed your need for playing no matter where you are.

Business man playing guitar in his office

We’ve got plenty of ways to help you get the most from your gear when space is tight.

Gear for the Office Shredder
The cubicle requires a few unique considerations when planning an office based rig. Best case, you have to make sure it’s small and quiet. Worst case? You have to keep it completely hidden! This low-key, under-the-radar setup will have you rocking the office – uh, we mean, “working”, in no time.

At a glance:

Fender Mustang Mini Amp
This 7-watt amplifier is the perfect desk – or desk drawer – amp. Weighing in at just over 7 lbs, its handle doubles as a tilt-back stand, and it runs off an AC power supply or six C batteries. Plus, the Mini includes twenty-four onboard presets, eight digital amp models, and twelve digital effects that can be customized via its USB connection and included FUSE software. How’s that for giving off the illusion of work? Not to mention, it has an on-board tuner, just in case your coworkers are listening, and a headphone jack, just in case you don’t want them to. $129.99

Fender Mustang Mini Amp

Huge sound, yet hardly bigger than a coffee mug. Now that’s office friendly.

Squier Mini Strat
What better guitar to match your Fender Mustang Mini amp than a Squier® Mini Strat? The smaller (3/4 size) scale makes this the perfect size to stash under your desk if the boss comes asking for those TPS reports, and it won’t get in the way if you actually have to get some work done. These Mini Strats are small, but sound and play quite well, especially after a free setup from one of our in-store luthiers. $99.99

Squier Mini Strat electric guitar

Shown here in actual size! OK, just kidding, but this thing is seriously Mini, and seriously awesome.

Shure SE315 Earphones
Talk about discrete! You can plug these tiny, clear earphones straight into your Mustang Mini amp so you can rock out without bothering your cube mates, and stash them easily when you need to. And the 64” wire gives you plenty of length to move around if you’re really shredding. Warning: these are sound isolating earphones, so the chance of your boss being able to sneak up behind you is high! $199.99

Shure SE315 Earphones

Rock out to your hearts content without anyone else in the office hearing you. Warning: they can still see you, though.

Gear for the Dorm Room Acoustic Duo
Not only is the dorm room a very tight space, it’s shared space. Assuming your roommate is capable of throwing down on some riffs too, here’s a super solid, two-person rig that can easily fit between piles of laundry and dusty textbooks.

At a glance:

Fender CD-140 SCE Acoustic-electric
This Fender CD-140 SCE dreadnought crams a ton of features into a great sounding, durable guitar. You get great tone from the solid Spruce top and Mahogany laminate back and sides. But what’s more, it has a Fishman pickup system with an active on-board preamp so you can plug it in for a bit more volume, versatility, and recording abilities. This has a built in tuner too, so you know you’ll be spot on. $299.99

Fender CD-140SCE Acoustic-electric guitar

It’s acoustic. It’s electric. It’s priced right for students. And it sounds pretty darn good, too.

Fishman LoudBox Mini Acoustic Amp

Twenty pounds and only about 14 inches wide, this amp gives you 60 watts of beautiful acoustic tone, without taking up much space at all. The best thing? It has a second channel input for a microphone. Essentially, you could have your Fender CD-140 SCE acoustic plugged in to channel one, and a mic for your roommate plugged into channel two, either for vocals or for micing a non-acoustic/electric guitar. Jam away, until the RA says enough, or crank it up in the common room for an impromptu show – this Mini amp is seriously that powerful. $362.95

Fishman Loudbox Mini Acoustic amp

Plug in your acoustic-electric guitar, a mic, and your set to take the college scene by storm.

Roland R-05 Digital Recorder

You and your roomie could be the next big thing, but no one will ever know unless you have recorded proof. Enter the Roland R-05 Digital Recorder. This is super compact, really easy to use, affordable, and you get enhanced recording and editing features. Use the built in mic, or plug right in. Either way, it records directly to an SD card. And if it doesn’t instantly propel you into rock stardom, it’s also great for recording lectures and class notes. $199.99

Roland R-05 Digital Recorder

Record all your jams using the built-in stereo mic, and it’s perfect for recording lectures, too!

Bonus: Dorm Room Decorating Tip – String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger

Forget posters and a bulletin board. A dorm room with guitars hanging on the wall is much cooler. These wall hangers ($12.95) are well-built, priced right, and are easy to hang – we use them throughout our store. Cinder block walls or worried about losing your security deposit for drilling holes? Try the Fender Folding Electric Guitar Stand instead. ($19.95) Equally cool, no install, and super portable.

String Swing guitar wall hanger

A dorm room adorned with guitars on the wall is too cool for school. Seriously, it might make it hard to get to class on time.

Gear for the Great Outdoors
Chances are, you won’t be the only one slinging an instrument or two at the weenie roast. Especially if you’re at Winfield or another music festival. The least you can do is try and sound great, without having to pack your entire setup. Here’s a look at some camp-worthy gear that’s easy to haul, durable, and downright fun. Kumbaya!

At a glance:

Makala MK-B Baritone Uke
Everyone will be bringing a guitar, so why not be on the cutting edge of cool and bring a Ukelele? This Makala MK-B Baritone Uke is a great option since it’s tuned to the 4 highest strings on a guitar – D, G, B, E – so you can jump right in like a pro. It’s durable and built for the long haul, but also affordable at just $81, so you ‘ll still have money left over to stock the cooler and grill.

Makala MK-B Baritone Ukelele

This baritone uke is perfect for a camping trip. It’s like Guitar Hero, without the luxury of electricity.

Gretsch Broadkaster Resonator Banjo
There’s nothing like the sound of a banjo echoing through the woods. Beautiful, and only somewhat creepy, depending on how far from civilization you are. This 5-string Gretsch Broadkaster has classic banjo tone in spades. The Mahogany resonator and rim help it project like a champ, too, so you’ll be heard over the crackle of the campfire easily. It’s not one you’ll want to leave exposed to the elements if you don’t have to, so consider adding in a Boulder Cases Alpine Resonator Banjo Gig Bag ($54.95) to protect your investment. $419.00

Gretsch Broadkaster Resonator Banjo

If a banjo plays in the woods, and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound? If it’s this resonator, it does, and it sounds great.

and Kazoos
How about sharing the music? Forget the flashlights and bring a couple $5 Kay Chicago Blues Harmonicas, a couple of $.95 Hohner Plastic Kazoos, and you’re set. Until it’s time to find more wood. Then you might actually want that flashlight.

Kay Chicago Blues Harmonica

Campfire, in the key of C#. Who’s ready to jam?

Snark All Instrument Clip-on Tuner

This little Snark Clip-On Tuner has a full-color display that rotates 360 degrees, making visibility simple on any headstock – even at night, in the woods, after the fire dies down! It offers precise tuning and can tune just about any stringed instrument – ukes and banjos included. It even has a built-in tap tempo metronome, which is great for keeping everyone in time, or for keeping everyone awake if you want to be “that guy”.

Snark all instrument clip on tuner

If you’re goanna play all night, you best be in tune. This lil’ clip on tuner makes it easy.

So whether you’re working hard, studying hard, or hardly doing either, these are some great options for ensuring you’ll have music to get you by, no matter what. Ah, we almost forgot. Wherever you are, make sure to also keep your Mass Street Music mug full at all times. Because coffee is almost as vital as music!

Mass Street Music 60 Cycle Buzz coffee and mug

Mmmm… Coffee.


Winfield 2013 – Mass Street Music is there!

Winfield poster 2013
Mass Street Music owners Jim Baggett and John Flynn, along with Mass Street luthier Josh Baldridge and our buddy from Taylor Guitars, Eric Sakimoto, are all headed to Winfield – the Walnut Valley Festival – this Wednesday! This incredible music festival, taking place in Winfield, Kansas on September 18-22 is in its 42nd year and is always a great gathering whether you’re picking in a contest or hanging out with friends at one of the exponentially fun campsites. We’re also really looking forward to all of this year’s performers which include Beppe Gambetta, Stephen Bennett, The Grascals, Pete Huttlinger, John McCutcheon and so many more.

As usual, you can find Mass Street Music’s booth right under the grandstand at this year’s festival. We’ll have some gorgeous custom Taylor guitars including a Cocobolo 12 Fret, Sinker Redwood GA, custom Collings (including a custom D1A VN, a CJMhaSSSB) and more, plus beautiful Martins, as well as a few vintage surprises. Of course we’ll have a great selection of accessories too including picks, strings, tuners and everything else you might need to keep playing on into the wee hours. We’ve even got a few harmonicas, kazoos and jaw harps for kids and folks who maybe didn’t bring an instrument, but want to get in on the playing action.

In celebration of our 30th Anniversary this year, we’ll also be having a daily drawing at Winfield for a sweet prize pack which includes a T shirt with our newly redesigned logo, a clip on tuner, guitar cleaning cloth and more. Just stop by our booth under the grandstand and toss your name in the prize bucket each day for a chance to win.

Last but not least, a couple of fun new items this year include coozies to keep your beverages cool, and some new ‘Flynn approved’ ball caps with our new logo, designed by Chris Millspaugh – plus a very special Mass Street 30th Anniversary/Winfield T shirt. Stop by and say hello!


mass street music coozie

Coozies, what? Yessir!




October Workshops at Mass Street Music

We’re very excited to have not one but two great workshops this October! We hope you can join us for one or both of these great events. You can also find more about these workshops and share the event from our Mass Street Music Facebook Page.

David Grier Intermediate & Advanced Guitar Workshop
Saturday, October 12
David Grier playing guitar - Black and white photoJoin world renowned bluegrass guitarist and teacher David Grier in exploring intermediate and advanced guitar techniques – including picking, chording and other bluegrass techniques plus he’ll be answering your own specific questions. Grier is one of the best flatpickers alive – he was even named Guitar Player of the Year three times by the International Bluegrass Music Association.

Bring your guitar and your questions and be ready to push the boundaries! We encourage early ticket purchase as space is limited for this special workshop. The workshop will be begin at 1:00 p.m. Cost: $50.

David Grier in concert – David will also be playing a concert the same evening at 7:30 pm at Unity Church in Lawrence. Tickets are $20 and available at Mass Street Music or at


Recording & Sound 101 Clinic with Michael Canning
Saturday, October 19
old mic on bright background
Want to record your own songs? Or make them sound even better? Join us for this special FREE Recording and Sound Clinic which will show you how to get your own home and/or desktop studio going. Michael makes it easy to understand. There are many options for micing, recording, and processing. We’ll help sort out the help from the hype. You’ll learn the difference between condenser and dynamic mics, which mics are best for your purposes, best positioning, and more. Bring your questions too! This clinic is free and begins at 1:00 p.m.

More special workshops are just around the corner! Have a suggestion for a great workshop or clinic? Contact Anne at