Mass Street Music Staff Gear Picks – August 2013!

August has gone by so quickly, but it hasn’t quashed our gear acquisition syndrome…here’s what the Mass Street Music staff has been into most this month…

John FlynnGrosh RC Standard
This is an amazing instrument in the Limited Ash body and Maple neck. Sound and play-ability could not be better and the looks…well it’s exactly like my coveted Retro Classic serial number #202. At this price it’s a fantastic deal, but note that Grosh is having a price increase which makes this one an even better buy.

Grosh RetroClassicStandard electric guitar

Flynn’s favorite is this Grosh RC Standard which is a twin of his own much-loved RC.

Jim Baggett
Collings O2HG 12 fret
Collings did a spectacular job on this beautiful 0. Wonderful sound, great details – very nice instrument.

Collings 02HG 12 fret acoustic guitar

Jim’s favorite is this Collings 02HG 12 fret which, as you can see here, is pretty spectacular. You should hear it!

Eric Putnam
Ovation Elite 1786
Oft it has been that I lay awake in bed dreaming of the day I would own an Ovation acoustic guitar with the balladeer sound holes and styling. I have had a recurring Richie Sambora fantasy ever since I first started playing. Seriously folks, this guitar plays great and sounds great.

Ovation Elite 1786

Hmmm – methinks Eric M played a trick on Eric P while he was on vacation…still, this guitar is a great deal.

Eric Mardis
– Too much good stuff to pick just one…  this month I’m picking an instrument AND a pedal!

Chuck Lee Silver Bell Banjo
When Chuck and I were working out the specifics on this banjo, he told me had some “old, beautiful, curly Maple” that he had been saving for “something special.”  I opted to go for it, and boy am I glad I did.  It is gorgeous and the tone is everything you’d want it to be in old time open back.  Truly stunning workmanship and materials.  We are very excited to welcome Chuck Lee banjos to Mass Street with this incredible flagship instrument.

Chuck Lee Silver Bell Custom 12 Banjo

Eric M’s 1st pick is this amazing Chuck Lee Silver Bell banjo he custom ordered from Lee – it’s outstanding in every respect.

Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Deluxe

In my opinion, this is the most musical fuzz pedal I have ever played.  Yes, I am a huge David Gilmour Fan… Yes, it caught my attention when I read that Skreddy was gunning for the “Time” solo when creating this circuit…  However, I was blown away by the range of things this box does well.  Bottom line: this pedal is super versatile.  It nails everything from a low gain growling overdrive to a saturated wall of fuzz with sustain for days.  Addictive.  You should own this.

Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Dlx Fuzz pedal

Eric’s pick #2 is this Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Deluxe Fuzz which Eric calls, “Addictive.”

Ted Kritikos
JHS Bun Runner Pedal
This is hands-down my favorite fuzz pedal in the store right now.  Each side of this pedal sounds great on its own, but with both sides clicked on, I can get that crazy, almost-ready-to-self-destruct tone that I love.  So fuzzy!

JHS Bun Runner Pedal

Ted’s loving the JHS Bun Runner pedal – his favorite fuzz evah.

Alek Nelson
Skreddy Screw Driver Mini Deluxe Pedal
I am pleased to see Skreddy Pedals added to our line up. The Screw Driver Mini is one of my favorites – really versatile and sounds particularly great with humbuckers!

Skreddy Screw Driver Mini Deluxe Pedal

Alek picked the new-to-us Skreddy Screw Driver pedal for its versatile & killer sound with humbuckers.

Mike Horan
Repair ShopYamaha Guitelele
(Mike’s talented & multi-instrument playing daughter Adelaine helped out with Mike’s pick this month, but they both agreed on this one! Thanks Adelaine for the great write-up!) The Guitelele has a wonderful sound quality. Despite its size (baritone uke), it has an amazing resonance to each note. It sounds much bigger and fuller than you would think!

Yamaha GL1 PB Guitelele

Repair Shop manager Mike & his daughter Adelaine  -who can pick a mean uke-  agreed this Yamaha Guitelele was tops for its clear tone and nice volume.

Casey Green
Xotic SL Drive Pedal
The Marshall-in-a-box territory is pretty well trod, but this Xotic SL Drive is a welcome breath of fresh air. For one thing, it’s tiny. If you’re the type that already has 8 or so pedals on your board, this is great, because most likely, you won’t have to boot anything to make room. But what’s most impressive is how the SL sounds. I could see myself using it with a single channel amp, set clean, and relying solely on this pedal as my “drive channel”. Very cool.

Xotic SL Drive Pedal

The new Xotic SL Drive pedal is Casey’s favorite this month (that’s actually his hand in the pic too!), not only because there’s no need to make extra room on your board, but its classic Brit amp tone will knock you out.

Anne Tangeman
Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Special
This is one of my favorites right now – many different tones, plus it’s used and in pristine condition (I’m always in favor of a bargain). The 3-way toggle plus the old school pickup switches are perfect for bopping between clean and twangy surf and the dirtier garage sound I love – super fun guitar and a sweet 24” scale player.

Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Special

The tonal versatility, light weight and nice used price make this Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Special Anne’s top pick o’ the month.


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