Pickup Test Drive: Grosh Fat 60s & Fralin SP43 in a Squier VM Mustang!


Modified Squier Mustang with Grosh and Fralin pickups

Stop by the store and try out this killer Grosh & Fralin pickup combo.

We were really impressed with the new Squier Vintage Modified Mustang and at only $299 our Repair Shop guys almost immediately thought it would be a great candidate for a Pickup Test Drive mod. Its own Duncan designed MU-102 Mustang pickups are great, but Josh and Matt thought a fatter Strat neck sound would take this Squier to another level. They loaded it up with a Grosh Fat 60s neck pickup  paired with a P90-esque Fralin SP43 Strat bridge pickup.

Squier Vintage Modified Mustang modded with Grosh and Fralin pickups

The Squier VM Mustang is cool as is, but the Grosh and Fralin pairing make this really roar.

The Grosh Fat 60s Strat neck pickup (6.4k) gives this a real vintage tone and adds thickness in the mids for extra push and cut. the Fralin SP43 Strat bridge pickup (10k) is a very P90-esque pickup with about 25% more output than a standard Strat bridge pup. Despite the seeming disparity in output measurements, these work like gangbusters together for several reasons including the ceramic bar magnet of the Fralin, its versatile tonal range, and the thickness of the wires. Together the Grosh and Fralin are incredible.

Installation was pretty typical except Matt had to do one small mod for the SP43 with an extra grounding lead, so the existing wires could be used for the phasing.  It’s our Pickup Test Drive guitar, in the store for you to try out this month. We hope you have a chance to stop by and plug it in for yourself.

Questions about pickups or tonal combos? Just give us a call at 800-747-9980.


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