New Gear Just In – Summer 2013

We have taken on several new gear lines in the past month at Mass Street Music, so we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of the latest goods…


Catalinbread Pedals
All hand-built in Portland, Catalinbread has been earning its fair share of kudos for a few years now, and we’re happy to report the hype is well deserved. The pedals not only look great with custom colors and silk-screened graphics, they sound absolutely fantastic. Each pedal starts with a classic sound at its foundation, and then adds simple, intuitive controls and some modern versatility that really propels them into a league of their own. Our first five pedals on the shelf are the Montavillian Echo, CB30 Overdrive, Naga Viper Treble Boost, Manx Loughtan Fuzz, and Octapussy Octave Fuzz. The Dirty Little Secret Overdrive and Royal Albert Hall Foundation Drive are also in our line up and should be back in stock soon.


Catalinbread Naga Viper Treble Boost Effects Pedal

This Naga Viper Treble Boost Effects Pedal works beautifully with low watt amps too.

The Loar Mandolins

These great mandos are perfect for those seeking a well made, reliable mandolin that won’t break the bank. We’ve been carrying the great hand made Eastman mandos for quite a while now, but are pleased to present another option and wider selection in this $450-$700 price range. The Loars are crafted from solid woods and are inspired by classic ’20s and ’30s instruments. The models we’ve selected, like the A style LM300, and the F style LM520, are sleek, without a lot of bling, keeping the price down – but they are long on tone and playability. These have excellent details too with Grover tuners, super comfortable V necks and thin lacquer finishes for really nice tone. They all come with a free set up from our luthiers too. If you don’t see the model you’re looking for, just let us know.


The Loar LM520 F style Mando

The Loar mandos are beautifully built, with a great sound that won’t break the bank.

Recording King Banjos

Eric M recently ordered a passel of killer Recording King Banjos for the store and we’re really pleased with these. Originally a house brand for Montgomery Ward 75 years ago, Recording King has built its modern reputation on well crafted, affordably priced instruments. These feature appointments like Grover tuners, bone nuts and hand-rubbed finishes, but the real deal here is the sound and durability. These sound wonderful and feel great in hand. These are all in the $$450-$700 price range, and as with all new instruments, they come with a free set up from our luthiers too. Eric’s favorite so far? The Madison 6 String Resonator RK-G25 which gives any guitar player the opportunity to rock an Appalachian attitude.


Recording King Madison 6 string banjo

This new Recording King 6 string banjo is one of Eric M’s favorites from this line.

Fender Acoustic Guitars
We’ve carried Fender for a long time, but just received a new batch of Fender acoustics and acoustic-electrics – all priced from $199 – $349 (ok, the 12 String Villager is $420, but it takes extra wood to make that special ‘hockey stick’ headstock…). These all have a reliable build, nice detailing and are made for full on playing. One of our favorites is the CP-100 Parlor. It’s just $199.99 and is so much fun for any age and level of player. Perfect too in the real sense of a parlor guitar – to have around the house or grab as you head out to the cabin or camping. If you’re looking for a reliable go-to acoustic, check out the CD-140S with a solid Spruce top at just $199. If playing out is your goal, the CD-60 gives you onboard controls and reliability at just $209, while the T-Bucket has a little more flair with figured and flamed Maple tops and interesting finish colors (blue and violet in addition to natural and burst!) at just $299-$349. All of these acoustics come with a free set up from our luthiers as well.


Fender CP-100 Parlor Acoustic Guitar

This Fender CP-100 Parlor is one of our favorite guitars – really fun and the perfect size for taking anywhere or just having around the house

Henry Heller Guitar Straps
Josh picked these great straps up while he was cruising through Indiana in June and they are really something – crafted from leather, seat belt material, wood, and more. Super sturdy, cool designs and priced right at $15 – $30.


henry heller guitar straps - array

We love these new Henry Heller straps, from surfboards to cassette tapes, seat belt material and yes, even a 7″/45 record adapter – these are built well and look really sharp!

Leather Aces Guitar Straps

We just received a new batch of these beautifully hand crafted leather mandolin and guitar straps. These are made not far from us, in DeSoto, Kansas and are built to last a lifetime.


Leather Aces Gator guitar strap

This ‘Gator’ guitar strap is just one of several hand crafted guitar and mandolin straps we carry from Kansas based Leather Aces Straps

Coming soon: Skreddy Pedals and the new…are you ready… Xotic SL Drive! This is Xotic’s first distortion pedal, based on classic Marshall Super Lead/Super Bass amps and we absolutely can not wait to get our hands on it! Questions on any of our new gear? Just give us a call at 800-747-9980.


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