Mass Street Music Staff Gear Picks – July 2013!

Here’s this month’s roundup of what the Mass Street Music staff has been ogling the most…

John FlynnFulltone Plimsoul Pedal
Great thick overdrive, but still very articulate…perfect when you need a great drive tone at lower volumes too.

Fulltone Plimsoul Effects Pedal

Flynn’s into Fulltone’s great Plimsoul overdrive this month – like he needs another pedal…

Jim Baggett
Sergio Tezanos Madrid Classical
You just don’t see this every day. It’s beautifully built with a wonderful sound.

Sergio Tezanos Madrid Classical Guitar

A rare classical has captured Jim’s attention this month.

Eric Mardis
Paul Cochrane Audio Timmy Pedal
I’ve always been an amp distortion guy, but lately I’ve been having fun with fuzz pedals. The Timmy is a low gain overdrive pedal, not a fuzz – but the magic that happens when you stack a fuzz (Skreddy Lunar Module) into the Timmy is addictive. It’s fantastic by itself (dial in Malcolm Young, J Page, Larry Carlton), but I truly love it in conjunction with the fuzz (Gilmour, all things awesome).  The “cut” EQ dials are super accurate… I’m not sure how I lived without a Timmy for so long.  It adds new colors to my board while playing well with others. A “no brainer”. TIMMY!

Cochrane Timmy Overdrive Pedal

I asked Mardis what his top pick was this month & he just shouted, “TIMMMMAAY!”

Eric Putnam
Dr. Z Antidote Amp
This amp sounds amazing! The vintage/modern switch is very useful – there is plenty of gain in the modern settings, and the vintage mode has plenty of headroom. Dr Z is always coming out with great products and this one is an instant classic.

Dr Z Antidote Amp Head

Eric P’s favorite is the latest from Dr Z – an amazing amp that begs to be play LOUD.

Ted Kritikos
PreSonus FaderPort USB DAW Controller
This little guy is a must have for anyone interested in making music with a computer.  The amount of time it has saved me by providing physical transport buttons is enormous.  Plus, the long-throw fader is motorized, so it jumps around all by itself as you switch from track to track – sure to impress/terrify/fascinate your cat.

Presonus Faderport USB DAW Controller for recording music on your computer

This PreSonus FaderPort is essential for home recording but, according to Ted, it can also double as a cat toy.

Mike Horan
Repair Shop Luthier & Manager –  Leo Posch JM
In the midst of Collings CJ-35 fury, I would like to insert the Posch J-M – yet another slope D in the tradition of the J-35/45. This guitar sports a gorgeous sunburst and a very thin lacquer finish. It’s interesting to hear it against the Collings CJ. While the Collings presents the modern twist on the tradition, the Posch has a deeper, wide open sound associated with older instruments.

Leo Posch JM Acoustic Guitar

Repair Shop Manager Mike H is taken with the beautiful, open sounding Leo Posch JM this month

Matt Harmon
Repair Shop Luthier –  Collings OM1A
This Collings sounds great, just the right amount of player wear on this one. No need to keep it cased up when not playing it and perfect to take places, hang out and play without fear of the first ding or scratch.

Collings OM1A Cutaway acoustic guitar

This used Collings OM1A acoustic caught luthier Matt H’s eye

Alek Nelson
Squier Affinity Tele
I really can not believe how good these new Squier Affinity guitars are! I have heard a lot of people say they wish they had had one of these when they first began playing.

Fender Squier new Affinity Telecaster Lake Placid Blue

Alek’s pick this month is the improved Fender/Squier Affinity Tele – nice improvements (including a smoother neck) on this classic affordable electric


Anne Tangeman1964 Mustang
This Mustang is just too cool. I’m sure there are more pristine ones around, but this one has that ‘somethin’ somethin” that just feels so right.

1964 Fender Mustang Dakota Red

This ’64 Fender Mustang shows a few scars of the years, but Anne thinks it’s the pick of the litter this month.

Casey Green
1982 Les Paul Standard
These Norlin-era Les Pauls are becoming some of my favorite ever. Especially when you can find them in good, mostly un-modded condition like this one. There’s really nothing that sounds quite like a great LP – thick, rich, and heavy. And so easy to play! Plus, this 1982 Les Paul Standard has the rare distinction of being built the year I was born. Someone get it before I do!

1982 Les Paul Standard Black

Casey’s been hankering for this sweet ’82 Les Paul Standard

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