Used Gear – June Sneak Peek!


used guitars at Mass St Music

Clockwise from top left, Rickenbacker 620, Epi SG Fool copy, faux Vox Teardrop 12 String & Taylor 312 CE wide nut…

We often have great used gear in the store, but sometimes we have A LOT come in at one time, such as this month. We’re working hard to get the latest gear on the site, but we thought we’d give you loyal newsletter folks a sneak peek at the booty we’ve most recently acquired. If you’re interested in anything, just shoot us an email at or give us a call at 800-747-9980 for pricing and more info.

Gold Tone Manjola (banjo tuning)

Saint Blues Tele Style w/P90

Rickenbacker 620/6

used Rickenbacker 620 guitar

Super sweet used Rickenbacker 620



Squier Esprit

Taylor 414CE

Epiphone SG Fool Copy

Faux Vox Teardrop 12 String

Epiphone Casino

Godin acoustic/electric with synth pickup

Anderson Cobra S

Larrivee OM3

Gibson ES335 Dot Reissue (1990, Cherry, Super clean)

Fender MusicMaster Bass

LTD Viper

Fender B Dec Bass Amp 30

Fender G-Dec

1932 Gibson H2 Mandola

a multitude of used pedals!


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