Pickup Test Drive: What is the best acoustic guitar pickup for you? Part II!


acoustic pickup test drive guitar

We’ve got a new video featuring three of our favorite acoustic guitar pickups, loaded in this Eastman E6 OM.


While the Repair Shop mad scientists are busy constructing our next electric Pickup Test Drive, we’re revisiting our acoustic Pickup Test Drive guitar and bringing you a brand new video. If you remember our first acoustic pickup video, repair shop manager, Mike H., gave us an in-depth look into the tonal differences among the K&K Pure Mini, Fishman Infinity, and the LR Baggs M-80. Based on some great feedback from you folks, and comments on our YouTube page, our new video features the same three killer pickups with Mike playing the same tune for each demo. This makes it a little easier to discern the tonal nuances offered by each of these great pickups. We’re still using the beautiful Eastman E6 OM with all three pickups installed by luthier Matt Harmon. Stop by the shop and try it out for yourself, or check out the video and let us know what you think. Below you’ll find our take on each pickup, but we think the video says it best. So have a listen and see which pickup scratches your (acoustic-electric) itch.


Three different jacks, three different pickups

The Test Drive guitar is available anytime at the store to demo these great pickups.

K&K Pure Mini
Warm sound, minimal modification

This passive pickup will deliver a strikingly true representation of your particular guitar. Plus, if offers plenty of add-ons, so you can tailor it to your needs.

  • Three transducer passive pickup
  • Great for lower stage volumes, small duos, string bands, etc.
  • Optional Vintage Jack for a no-drill install
  • Optional Volume Kit for thumb wheel volume control in the soundhole

Fishman InfinityBe heard on stage and in large band settings

If you’re looking for a pickup to help you cut through the mix in your multi-instrument band setting, this could be the one.

  • Under-the-saddle transducer piezo pickup
  • Active built-in preamp (requires 9V battery), volume, and tone controls
  • Voicing switch to accommodate different body sizes & performance situations

LR Baggs M-80Natural and broad tonal spectrum

Like the Fishman Infinity, the LR Baggs M80 is great for higher-volume stage applications, but offers a little darker tone.

  • Switchable between active and passive mode
  • Built-in preamp
  • Secondary coil picks up top vibrations and mixes the signal for full tonal spectrum
  • Great “woody” tone and plenty of headroom

See all three acoustic pickups in action:

Questions or comments, just let us know at info@massstreetmusic.com or 800-747-9980. Next month: We mod a Squier Mustang with Grosh & Fralin pickups! Can’t wait.

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