Mass Street Music Staff Gear Picks – June 2013!

We’ve got a great mix of new and used gear in the store right now (including a ton of used pedals), but there are several things that really stand out. Here’s the very best of the best for June, in our humble staff’s estimation:

Jim BaggettTaylor Custom Koa GS
Our luthier Josh did a great job picking out the beautiful Koa (matching a Master Grade top with Grade A back and sides) for this incredible guitar. It looks wonderful, and sounds great – balanced with a surprising openness to it.

Taylor Custom Koa GS BTO

Boss Jim gives the Taylor Build To Order Koa GS two thumbs up!


John FlynnGermino Lead 55LV 2×12 Combo Amp
The Lead 55 has a stellar reputation that is so well deserved. A powerful and  articulate driving vintage “Marshall” tone that can clean up nicely when you back off the volume on your guitar – or by pulling back on your pick attack…and this one has a great unique look as well … It does not get any better when it comes to this type of amp. BTW: This new smaller 2×12 sounds fantastic and is a bit more manageable as well.

Germino lead 55 LV head and 212 Cab amp

Boss Flynn says “it does not get any better” than this Germino Lead 55LV Head and Cab. Looks sharp too!


Eric MardisCollings OM2H
This guitar is magic. I’ve always been a dreadnought guy, but I have been enjoying smaller bodies lately. The lack of a tongue brace really opens this top up to easy activation. This thing runs the gamut from sweet finger picking to powerful strumming and flatpicking… it does so much, so well, that it is truly astounding. How can this be? Collings’ skill and perfectionism… or MAGIC!

Collings OM2H

Eric’s pick is this Collings OM2H acoustic guitar – one of those guitars with the magic ‘it’ factor.


Eric PutnamCaroline Guitar Company Wave Cannon Pedal
This is a versatile, usable overdrive that can also make very cool, crazy noises. Once you flip the havoc switch you start to get crazy feedback and oscillation that you can control with your volume and tone knobs and the knobs on the pedal. I really like that fact that this pedal can do both classic drive tones as well as new experimental sounds.

Caroline Wave Cannon Effects Pedal

Eric P – currently obsessed with the insane ‘Havoc’ mode on the very cool Caroline Wave Cannon pedal!


Ted KritikosHelweg Custom Pedalboard
I greatly admire how much attention to detail this pedalboard embodies. You could stare at it for hours and not find a tiny quibble with the construction. Plus, I love anything two-tone, so this is perfect for me.

Helweg Custom Pedalboard

The perfect construction detail on this Helweg Custom Pedalboard is just one reason it’s Ted’s favorite this month


Josh BaldridgeRepair ShopTaylor Custom Koa GS
It has been a couple months since my visit to the Taylor Factory where I picked out this set of Koa and it’s pretty satisfying to see the finished product. The full instrument sunburst turned out beautiful and really dresses up this Custom GS. We went with Adirondack bracing to allow for a more responsively structured top, and it does add more openness to the master grade Koa. My Taylor trip was a fortunate opportunity to select an impressive body wood combination that also lowered the end cost of the guitar. The Master Grade top is stunning and the hand picked single A back/sides have a striking grain pattern accentuated really well by the burst finish.

Taylor Custom Koa GS Build To Order

Luthier Josh hit a home run in hand selecting the Koa for this Taylor Custom Koa GS! He chose the beautiful finish too, to highlight the wood’s unique grain.


Matt HarmonRepair Shop –  Grosh Sunset 79
This guitar has two things I love – first, the body of a Electrajet and second, the Blown 59 pickup. This guitar just screams. It has everything you need and nothing extra.

Grosh Sunset 79 electric guitar

Luthier Matt’s pick is the Grosh Sunset 79, which has “everything you need and nothing extra.”


Alek NelsonXotic EP Booster Pedal
With everyone showing off their cool pedalboards in our May newsletter, it has made me want to expand my own board! The Xotic EP Booster is next to join my arsenal – there is a reason why it is on so many boards here at Mass St. Music! It really fattens up your tone without altering it, and it’s so small, it fits easily in that last sliver of space on your board.

Xotic EP Booster Effects Pedal

Alek is getting the tiny-yet-mighty Xotic EP Booster for his own board.


Casey GreenGretsch G5422 Electromatic Hollowbody
I’ve always had a soft spot for white guitars, and this Gretsch Electromatic is no exception. The gold hardware (particularly the licensed Bigsby trem) just puts it over the top. Beautifully resonate and articulate, this one is as fun to play unplugged as it is amplified. Well, almost. The Black Top Filtertron pickups really give it a voice all its own. Rockin’. Twangin’. Blingin’. What else could you ask for?

Gretsch Electromatic Hollowbody

It’s white. It’s gold. It’s awesome. A little bling with a whole lotta’ tone and playability to back it up.


Anne TangemanGretsch Custom Junior Jet I w/Grosh G90
The Gretsch Junior Jet is a cool guitar, but the fact that our own repair shop modded it with a Grosh G90 vintage P90-style pickup is even cooler. The Jr normally comes stock with Gretsch mini hums, which are cool in their own right, but put a Grosh G90 in and this thing instantly becomes your favorite guitar. It’s way more versatile than you’d think and a LOT of fun to play. The Mahogany JJ body and classic burst finish so classic, but wait til you hear this one. I already have a Junior Jet II with two dogear P90s that our shop did for me, so I know it’s a great mod, or I’d have bought this one already! $315? Seriously? Someone take this guitar home – you will love it.

Gretsch Junior Jet Modded with P90 Grosh G90 pickup

Anne is 100% convinced that this used, modded Gretsch with a Grosh G90 is the very best deal in the store right now.


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