Repair Shop Spot: Photo Gallery

This month we’re showcasing some photos of the Repair Shop BY the Repair Shop!  Mike Runyon, Matt Harmon & Josh Baldridge all have a way with a camera. These images showcase some of their luthiery work, but also photo skills. Don’t worry, Repair Manager Mike Horan is in here too – you can’t miss him.


Routing a saddle slot on acoustic guitar

Don’t worry, we’ll be gentle…routing a saddle slot – Mike R.


refretting a guitar

Refret! – Mike R


1970 Fender Mustang color revealed

The true tone uncovered… – Matt H.


Mass street music luthier holding a 10 string bass guitar

Mike H attempting to hold a customer’s 10 string bass. Yes, I said 10-string. – Josh B


lowering guitar fret height

Lowering fret height 1/1,000 at a time. – Mike R


Vintage Gibson mando with owner names in case

Each owner of this vintage Gibson mandolin has signed the inside of the case. – Mike R.


Advanced guitar repair

Advanced guitar repair. – Mike R.
P.S. – we promise, no guitar was  harmed during the making of this photograph


Guitar broken neck repair before and after mass street music

Before and after neck repair – Mike R.


wax potting electric guitar pickups mass street music

Potting electric pickups – Mike R.


60s Fender Tele guitar manual

Old school Fender Tele manual – Mike R.










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