Pickup Test Drive: Grosh Blown 59 Humbuckers

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‘s Eric Mardis has offered up his beloved ’81 Les Paul Custom for our latest Pickup Test Drive. His 20 year old EMG pickups had served him well, but he wanted something a little more versatile, organic and not so heavy 100% of the time. He also has another guitar stocked with EMGs, so it seemed a smart move to broaden his pickup palette. A nice bonus was restoring the Les Paul to a more vintage appearance with the Grosh Humbuckers.

Eric M saying goodbye to his EMG pickups

The EMGs’ 20 year reign in Eric’s ’81 Les Paul Custom have come to an end…he hung ’em high at the front counter for about a week in memoriam.

Luthier Matt Harmon thought the Grosh Blown 59s would be a great fit for Eric’s LP and for the music Eric plays, which includes country, jazz, blues and rock. The 59s are Grosh’s highest output pickups, but they’re very articulate and deliver real warmth too.  So this month, you can stop by the store and give the Grosh Blown 59 Humbuckers a spin, on Eric’s LP – the guitar is right in the front room, hanging to the right of the new staircase. For those Mass St friends not in the region, or if you want a sneak peek before stopping by, we also have a sweet video of Eric demo’ing the pups with a Dr. Z Monza amp:

We’ve been fans of Don Grosh guitars for years and have been carrying their outstanding Grosh pickups since they debuted several years ago. The Grosh Blown 59 Humbucker Pickup is Grosh’s highest output humbucker yet retains a vintage tone with a spongy attack that is tailor made for a tube stack dimed out. The Bridge Pickup is over wound with 11.5k output, and the Neck Pickup is 9.3k.  These have a warm sustain, with rich complex harmonics and strong midrange. The low-end response is chunky, but restrained. The result is a hot pickup with outstanding articulation and dynamic range. Amazing clean tones are just a volume knob away too. This started out as a Test Drive guinea pig, but Eric found he loved the 59s and is keeping them in the guitar after the Test Drive.

“It sounds freaking awesome! These 59s give you modern high-gain tone, with more breath and air than a lot of other high-gain pickups,” Eric said. “These have plenty of output for punishing the front end of a tube amp, but they also sound surprisingly bell like through the clean channel of my amp. I can really run the gamut way more with these.”

Questions about pickups for your guitar? Need pickups installed? Just give us a call at 800-747-9980. If you’re in the Lawrence, Kansas/Kansas City area, stop by the store and try out the Grosh Blown 59 Humbuckers for yourself. Check out all of our Pickup Test Drives here. Acoustic fan? Remember we’ve always got our Acoustic Pickup Test Drive guitar at hand in the store for you to easily try out several acoustic pickups.


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