Mass Street Music Staff Gear Picks – April 2013

March snowstorms bring…wait, is it spring yet? Here’s our April roundup of the coolest gear in the store, in the humble estimation of the Mass St Music staff…

Jim BaggettCollings UC1 Concert Ukulele
This is a really nice, traditional style Mahogany uke with a great sound from Collings.

Collings UC1 concert ukulele

This Collings UC1 traditional concert uke caught Boss Jim’s eye this month.

John Flynn
Anderson Crowdster Plus Koa
I have played a Crowdster Plus for several years now and I am still amazed at what can be accomplished with this guitar. I also pushed hard for the 3 on a side tuners and am glad to see this is the new normal.  And yeah, this Koa is beautiful!

Tom Anderson Crowdster Plus Koa guitar

One of the most versatile and creative guitars around, the Anderson Crowdster Plus, has long been a favorite of Boss Flynn’s (he’s played one for years), but this Koa one had him hankering for yet another.

Eric Mardis
Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo Pedal
I’ve always wanted a vintage Echoplex or Echorec… I’ve been chasing Gilmour tones again and the El Cap has been incredibly satisfying.  It’s sitting right next the Strymon Lex (Leslie Sim) on my pedal board and I’ve been in early 70s British heaven.   Also fun on the nasty side!  All those East Bay Ray tones from the Dead Kennedys were heavy on the Echoplex –  thats been fun too!

Strymon El Capistan Echo Delay Pedal

Half the staff bought Strymon pedals when they arrived including Eric M who calls this El Capistan pedal ‘incredibly satisfying’!

Eric Putnam
Strymon Mobius Pedal
Amazing tones and an unbelievable amount of tweak-ability. The univibe sounds and the vintage trems are my favorite, but all the sounds are great!

Strymon Mobius Mondulation Pedal

Eric P’s lust for this Mobius Pedal was probably the spark that got us all interested in Strymon in the first place.


Ted KritikosShure SE215 Earphones
These puppies sound awesome! Very clear and transparent, with plenty of low end. I like them for mixing or for just listening to my collection of Indonesian Gamelan tunes!

Shure 215 earphones

Ted K says “These puppies (otherwise known as Shure 215 Earphones) sound awesome!”

Alek Nelson
Mono GS1 Guitar Strap
Like all Mono products, the GS1 guitar straps are of top notch quality. This strap is incredibly comfortable due to the memory foam core and wide design. I have owned one for over a year, and it looks and feels as good as the day I got it!

Mono Guitar Strat Black

Alek’s pick is this black Mono GS1 Guitar Strap – his year old one still looks brand spankin’ new.

Mike Horan
Repair Shop ManagerLeo Posch 00-RW
This is by far my favorite small bodied guitar in the shopright now. The Honduran Rosewood gives the midrange a lot of projection – it sounds wonderful fingerpicked or platpicked. I really love the rope style purfling, offset beautifully by the Maple binding. Characteristic of Leo’s guitars, this has an older, more open sound to it. (Check out Mike in this video playing the Leo Posch OO-RW!)

Leo Posch OO-RW acoustic guitar

Repair Shop Manager Mike H loves older, more open sound of this Leo Posch OO-RW – it’s pretty easy on the eyes too!

Matt Harmon
Repair Shop LuthierStrymon Flint Pedal
The Flint produces three great reverb and tremolo effects that will turn your head in amazement yet doesn’t leave any drawbacks to the original counterparts. With it being DSP (digital signal processing) Strymon gives you plenty more options that are great extras like being able to set the effect order, bypass functions, tap tempo functions (with available favorite switch), adjustable boost cuts to both reverb and tremolo, controlling any knob with an added expression pedal, plus many more.

Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb Effects Pedal

Luthier Matt H knows of what he speaks when recommending this Strymon Flint Trem and Reverb Pedal – his pedalboard & Flynn’s now are loaded with this the Flint!

Anne Tangeman
Rock Slide Cobalt Glass Slide
Rock Slides are great and though the RX is cool because it’s based on the real deal, I prefer this Cobalt because it’s more comfortable for me – and I like the blues.

Rock Slide Cobalt long glass guitar slide

Anne T picked this Rock Slide Cobalt glass slide, a small item with a mighty sonic power.

Jesse Roberts
Leather Aces Mando Strap
I’m all about our new Leather Aces straps. Handmade close to home in KCMO, they’re super comfortable, they look great, and most importantly they’re made to last. This mando strap is super cool, with lighter stitching and a one inch wide shoulder piece. It’s only a matter of time before I have one of these on my mandolin.

Leather Aces Mandolin Strap

Jesse’s favorite this month is the new Leather Aces Mandolin strap – crafted in Kansas City and “made to last”.

Josh Huskisson
Kala Baritone KA-BE Uke
I own and love it. Jam together in a family band…or play for tips in a hat – these ukes are AWESOME!

Kala KA-BE Baritone Ukulele

Josh H loved this Kala Bari KA-BE Uke so much he got one for himself!

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