Mass Street Music Staff Gear Picks – March 2013!

Happy March! We survived the snow(s), renovations in the store have begun, and we have a fresh crop of great gear we’ve been eyeballing. Here are our favorites this month….

Jim Baggett1929 Martin A Style Mandolin
This A is beautifully complete, sounds great and is a really nice example of a pretty rare mando.

1929 Martin A STyle Mandolin

Not something you see every day: 1929 Martin mandolin!

John Flynn
Gretsch Resonator Uke
This may surprise you, but I want one of these!

Gretsch Reso Uke G9112

This Gretsch Reso Uke is part of their new (and very cool!) Roots Collection

Eric Putnam
Dunlop Hendrix Octavio Pedal JH-OC1
This is a classic pedal. Whether you are a Hendrix fan or just want a killer octave fuzz, this thing is awesome. I also love how primitive it looks – two knobs, one switch.

Dunop Hendrix Octavio Pedal

Eric P’s favorite is this authentic repro Dunlop Hendrix Octavio octave fuzz pedal

Eric Mardis
Leo Posch D-M Acoustic
This D-M is a fantastic bluegrass cannon – notes seem to explode out of this guitar!

Leo Posch DM acoustic guitar

Tremendous tonal velocity and awesome clarity can be found in Eric M’s pick: the mighty Leo Posch D-M

Ted Kritikos
Fender Ltd Ed Blues Junior III Amp
For anybody looking for a simple, great sounding tube amp with a little bit of flare, this is it.  Classic Fender tone, great tube warmth, and a killer two-tone cabinet.  So retro, it’s indie.

Fender Blues Junior Amp Surf Green color

Ted’s pick, the Ltd. Ed. Fender Blues Jr  – “so retro it’s indie!”

Alek Nelson
Xotic SP Compressor Pedal
The Xotic SP Compressor Pedal is so small but does so much for your tone. If you haven’t tried a compressor yet, this is a great one – sustain is outstanding and the blend and dip switch give you cool versatility.

Xotic SP Compressor Pedal

Alek’s into the uber cool Xotic SP Compressor Pedal this month

Mike Runyon
Fishman Loud Box Mini Acoustic Amp
This little thing is amazing! Lightweight, compact, with a huge sound. XLR input for guitar and vocals too. Perfect for the solo acoustic artist and a great price to boot.

Fishman LoudBox Mini Acoustic Amp

Mike’s not alone in raving about this Fishman LoudBox Mini acoustic amp – it’s super powerful & portable.

Josh Baldridge
Dr Z Carmen Ghia Head
The past couple months we have been passing around a flu bug that must include the “Ghia Fever”, because I think we all want one of these amps right now. Personally, I’ve fallen for this separate head model. It’s a blast to crank this amp up and play with the unbelievably usable tone knob, which covers everything from thin low-fi, to all out rocking, to dark and jazzy. When plugged into our Dr. Z 110 Cab, it is full and rich with the tightness that I look for from a 10″ speaker.

r Z Carmen Ghia amp head in black/tweed

Josh is the latest employee in the store to catch Dr. Z’s Carmen Ghia fever – the tone knob pushed him over the edge.

Anne Tangeman
OO-DB Jeff Tweedy
I just love, love, love this guitar. It has a beautiful depth to its tone and a great feel with the 00 size. It’s made from sustainable Mahogany too.

Martin OO-DB Jeff Tweedy acoustic guitar

Anne chose the Martin 00-DB Jeff Tweedy for it’s tone, but the sustainable Mahogany is a nice bonus.

Jesse Roberts
Paul Geremia Concert
Very excited to witness his masterful playing and hearing some great true tales of blues legends.

Paul Geremia

Genuine troubadour Paul Geremia is playing at Mass St Music on Sunday, March 10 – Jesse’s psyched.

Joshua Huskisson
Feadog Tin Whistle
The month of a March is here and with it comes my favorite of all cultural holidays, Saint Patrick’s Day. My pick lends itself to this beautiful day and I encourage you to come and pick up a tin whistle, play some Celtic music and dance a jig.  I hope to see you stomping up and down Mass Street playing your favorite Celtic tune on Sunday, March 17.  Sláinte!

Feadog Tin Whistle

If you’re in Lawrence, Kansas, don’t forget our fabulous St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday, March 17 at 1:30PM, South Park, downtown!

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