Topeka Artist Richie Woltkamp’s Amazing Metal Mando & Guitar!

Topeka Artist Richie Woltkamp with two metal art instruments he crafted

Artist Richie Woltkamp doesn’t actually play an instrument, but you would never know it to look at these incredibly details replicas made of used metal tools and odds and ends.

It’s a fact that every day at Mass Street Music brings something cool and interesting our way, whether it’s a vintage mando, a crazy new pedal or a charango in for a repair.  This past month brought a sweet surprise when amazing Topeka artist (and retired Fire Battalion Chief), Richie Woltkamp, came into the store with a couple friends and showed us his metal artwork – it blew us away!


Richie Woltkamp metal art guitar

Gears, forks, nuts and bolts! Richie Woltkamp’s metal guitar has such amazing details!

Richie is a painter, illustrator, glass artist (and more) and just recently crafted his first guitar out of used metal tools and parts. Woah! It also comes with an amazing stand.

Richie Woltkamp guitar stand metal

This guitar stand for the metal guitar was made from shears, pliers and a wrench

He gave the guitar to a good friend, who was so impressed with the guitar that he asked Richie to craft a mandolin for his wife. Richie took on the challenge and created a beautiful replica of an A style mando built from used items like spoons, can openers, and more – complete with f-holes, which another friend crafted for him, for this particular piece. He also made a special stand for the mando that really is a work of art on its own.

Richie Woltkamp metal art mandolin

This mando won’t play a note, but it sure looks like it might.


Richie Woltkamp metal mando stand

This stand for the metal art mando reminded us of an anchor. This one is made from a wrench, pincers, and pliers. So cool.

We posted a few photos on our Facebook page, but folks wanted to see even more, so we have included additional photos here for your enjoyment. The instrument stands themselves are gorgeous, and with a little padding might make a perfect display for instruments at home. Thank you Richie for sharing your wonderful artistry with us. If you’re interested in Richie’s art, you can contact him at

Here are some more views of the ‘instruments’ and stands:

detail of Richie Woltkamp metal guitar

Richie woltkamp metal guitar neck

The metal guitar’s ‘fretboard’

Back of neck of Richie Woltkamp metal guitar neck

The back of the neck of the guitar, resting on its metal stand

Richie Woltkamp metal art guitar on stand

The metal guitar on its stand


Riche Woltkamp metal art mandolin on stand

The metal mando, here on its stand, which Richie Woltkamp also crafted


Richie Woltkamp metal art mandolin detail of F hole


Richie woltkamp metal art mando fhole detail two

Note the bent wrench along the side


metal art mando tailpiece

Even the tailpiece is amazing.



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