Repair Shop Spot: Damaged NBN Guitar Gets a New Lease on Life

This ’70s NBN acoustic guitar, made in Longmont, Colorado, came to our Repair Shop after sustaining a rather large hole in its side from an unfortunate encounter with a lamp. Undeterred, our intrepid co-owner and luthier Jim Baggett took on the challenge.

Detail of NBN Guitar

This ’70s NBN guitar features some beautiful inlay work, but had a real blowout on the treble side…


smashed in side of acoustic guitar

The guitar’s injuries sustained from meeting up with a particularly powerful lamp.

Jim knitted what he could back together first, then stabilized the side before moving forward with the repair.


hole in guitar clamped up

Jim stabilized the intact pieces of the side before beginning the patch work.


Trimmed hole in guitar ready for patch

Stabilized and trimmed, the gaping maw on this NBN is now ready to be repaired with the addition of a new piece of wood

Jim selected a piece of wood that closely matched the looks and grain of the original side, shaped it to fit and voila! (Well, there is more to it than that, but we can’t give away all our trade secrets, can we?)


guitar repair patch in place

The patch piece in place – there is still much work to be done!


JIm Baggett checks the patch on an NBN gutiar

Jim double checks his handiwork before letting it dry completely.


NBN guitar with patch glued in and nearly done

A bit of finish work remains, but this NBN is just about ready for its next jam session – lookin’ good!


Questions about repairs? Just give us a call at 800-747-9980.

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