Pickup Test Drive: Fralin Twangmaster 9200 & Blues Special SP

Mass St Music luthier Matt Harmon's built Tele style guitar featuring Fralin pickups

This Test Drive features a Fralin Twangmaster 9200 in the neck (yes, neck) & a Blues Special SP in the bridge – featured in our luthier Matt Harmon’s own hand-built Tele style guitar.

Our latest Pickup Test Drive is up in the store now, and lets you try out a killer combination that our Repair Shop luthier Matt Harmon came up with – a Fralin Twangmaster 9200 in the neck position paired with one of our favorites, a Fralin Blues Special Strat Polarity in the bridge position. You might think the Twangmaster is an unusual choice as it’s more often placed in the bridge of a guitar, but here the combo is perfect and delivers a really big and full sound.  Check out Eric P giving it a workout in this Fralin Twangmaster/Blues Special Video. Matt lays out the the details of this killer combination for you below…

“The Twangmaster 9200 winds is 8k value pickup that we have recommended in the bridge of most guitars. Lindy wound these up going after an old DeArmond pickup sound after a discussion with Mass Street luthier Josh. In the neck of this tele, it sounds huge and has a very articulate bass response. You can achieve multiple sounds rolling down the volume and tone. I actually like this pickup in the neck better than the humbucker I originally had installed in it.

Lindy Fralin Twangmaster 9200

The Fralin Twangmaster 9200 – not just for bridges anymore…

“The Blues Special (in the bridge) is a great sounding tele pickup with a little more ‘oomph’ wrapped around it, compared to the stock tele bridge pickup. It matches the Twangmaster very well here.

“Building parts guitars is what initially spurred my interest in changing out pickups and electronics. We installed the Fralins for this Test Drive  into my Butterscotch tele-style parts guitar. We also tweaked the electronics. Josh and I came up with the idea of using concentric pots so each pickup had its own signal path with correct value pots and capacitors to achieve two very different pickup sounds, without sacrificing tone loss on either pickup. The Fralin Twangmaster 9200 in the neck is running on 500k volume and tone pots with a .047 capacitor. The Fralin Blues Special Strat Polarity in the bridge is running on 250k volume and tone pots with a .05uF ceramic disc. For the next Test Drive in a few weeks, we’ll install some Grosh Blown 59s into Eric Mardis‘ much-beloved Les Paul in place of his old EMGs.”

Questions about pickups for your guitar? Just give us a call at 800-747-9980. If you’re in the Lawrence, Kansas/Kansas City area, stop by the store and try out these Fralins for yourself. Check out all of our Pickup Test Drives here. Acoustic fan? Remember we’ve always got our Acoustic Pickup Test Drive guitar at hand in the store for you to easily try out several acoustic pickups.  For our friends far afield, we now have this Acoustic Pickup Test Drive video just for you, which features a K&K Pure Mini, Baggs M80 and a Fishman Infinity all in one guitar, played by our Repair Shop manager Mike Horan!

Eric M bidding farewell to his EMG pickups

Next Test Drive! Eric M replaces his expired 20+ year old EMG pups with a set of Grosh Blown 59s!

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