Mass Street Music Staff Gear Picks – February 2013!

If you’ve stopped by the store recently you’ll notice we’ve been moving things around quite a bit in preparation for our impending renovations. Things are underway, but that doesn’t stop us from gawking at the new gear – here’s what we’ve had our eyes on lately:

Jim BaggettCollings CJ G Maple Acoustic
This guitar has a beautiful clear, balanced sound. The stained Maple and German top look wonderful together too.

Collings CJ Maple Custom acoustic guitar

Jim’s Feb. favorite is this unique Collings CJ Maple with straight bracing, a regular scale length and one of the coolest hand applied finishes we’ve seen from Collings. Beautiful clear sound too.

John Flynn
Gretsch G5420T Hollowbody
These guitars have been nothing short of excellent both in looks and playability. The addition of the Filtertron pickups is a total win.

Gretsch G5420T hollowbody guitar

The Filtertron pickups sealed the deal on John’s pick of this Gretsch G5420T

Eric Putnam
Xotic SP Compressor Pedal
I love this compressor. I usually am not a fan of compressors but Xotic made another useful and tasteful pedal. You can get very subtle compressed tones that add just enough compression to give your clean tone some sustain and evenness, as well as over the top chicken-pickin’ friendly compression. You can use the SP as a clean boost if you turn the blend all the way down, which is a useful feature. This is a very flexible compressor – if you have never used or needed a compressor, check this one out and you may have to get one.

Xotic SP Compressor Effects Pedal

Eric P loves the Xotic SP Compressor as it’s very flexible fpr compression, sustain or as a clean boost.

Eric Mardis
Dr Z Monza 1×10 Combo
Unbelievable gain and sustain on this Monza. This thing puts my 100 watt Marshall to shame – in a 1×10 combo no less! Ridiculously fun to play. Such tone in such a small package – I had to move this amp downstairs just so I can look at it longingly from the counter. Could this be love?

Dr Z Monza 110 Combo Amp

Eric M has fallen for a Z – this Dr. Z Monza, he says, “puts my 100 watt Marshall to shame.”

Mike Horan
Repair Shop Luthier/ManagerBourgeois Slope D Acoustic
This Slope D sounds amazing and is a great player.

Bourgeois Slope D acoustic guitar

Mike H not only loves the sound of this guitar, he can guarantee it’s a stunning player since he did the refret job. (Great price for a tip top Bourgeois too!)

Matt Harmon
Repair Shop LuthierMono GS1 Guitar Strap
Eric’s been bugging me to play bass in one of his many bands so I grabbed the Seuf bass and this well designed Mono strap for a quick jam after work. I was really surprised how well this strap evenly distributed the weight and how comfortable it is. Highly recommended for heavy guitars or basses.

Mono GS1 guitar strap in clay color

This Mono GS1 guitar strap is Matt H’s pick – like all of Mono’s gear, it’s not only designed well but is exceedingly comfy too.

Ted Kritikos
Bart Reiter Standard Open Back Banjo
Whenever I take a break here at MSM, I like to go out and plunk around on this banjo.  Eric Mardis has been gracious enough to teach me a couple of rolls, and I’m really enjoying myself.  This banjo is my favorite in the store right now –  it’s got simple appointments, but plays easily and sounds great!

Bart Reiter Standard Open Back Banjo

Unbeknownst to all but Eric M, Ted has secretly become a banjo enthusiast and chose this no nonsense Bart Reiter Standard Open Back. The cat is out of the bag now Ted.

Jesse Roberts
Bart Reiter Standard Open Back Banjo
Truly fantastic (especially for the price), this open-back has a great warm tone that sings and sings. Its simple aesthetic is just what I like, and it plays great.

Bart Reiter Standard Open Back Banjo detail photo

Jesse, already a confirmed banjo fan, concurs with Ted that the simple elegance of this Bart Reiter along with the great sound make it a winner.

Alek Nelson
Eastman T386 Thinline
Every time I unbox an Eastman I find myself wanting it. The T386 is a stellar guitar.


Eastman T386 Black semi hollow electric guitar

Alek is jonesing for this Eastman T386 – a guitar everyone at the store agrees is pretty spectacular and a bargain to boot.

Anne Tangeman
Polytune Mini Pedal Tuner
I’ve had my old school Korg tuner forever, but for gigging it’s not enough – so I’ve been checking out pedal tuners and this mini is killer. Whether you’ve got a big pedal board, or like me, just one other pedal, this is perfect as it takes up barely any space, and works like a charm no matter how much noise others around you are making.

Polytune Mini Pedal Tuner

What is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand yet can save your entire show? This Polytune mini pedal tuner. Anne’s stepping up to a real tuner and this is the one.

Josh Huskisson
Gator GL Acoustic Hybrid Gig Bag
There is nothing more lonesome than traveling without your guitar, right? This Gator GL- Acoustic Dread Hybrid Case is perfect for keeping your guitar safe on road trips. If literally wandering the earth on foot is more your speed, this also has comfortable backpack straps and plenty of pockets for all your stuff. This is a great, multi-use case/gig bag that’s as durable as it is lightweight.

Gator GL Acoustic Hybrid gig bag

Road tripping or hoofing it, Josh H recommends this Gator GL Acoustic Hybrid Gig Bag – comfy, durable and plenty of space to stash the small stuff.

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