Repair Shop Spot: Gibson Tenor Guitar TLC & more

12 string guitar neck hanging above a clock

Time for some true tales of the Repair Shop! This 12 string neck just happened to be perched above our shop clock over on Mike H’s bench.

Mike Runyon gave a late 30s Gibson Tenor Guitar some TLC last week. This was another ‘found under the bed’ instrument and it’s now ready and fully playable for the family’s next generation.

Mike Runyon holding a 30s Gibson Tenor guitar

Structurally this 30s Gibson Tenor guitar was pretty good, but it plays like a dream now since Mike gave it a set up & fixed the tuners.

This came in with a heavy-duty refinishing job (note the added lacquer is even on the metal parts!) and a trapeze tailpiece was added long ago. It’s likely the tailpiece was added because it was the only way to lower the action as the neck angle changed over the decades.

Trapeze tailpiece added to vintage 30s Gibson Tenor guitar

Note the refinishing job which resulted in lacquer on the metal parts too.

Mike cleaned up the guitar, set it up and fixed the tuners and it’s now ready to roll for another lifetime.

Around the corner, over in Jim’s area we see a real challenge that pretty much speaks for itself. If anyone can fix it, Jim can. Stay tuned:

acoustic guitar body with large hole in its side



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