Mass Street Music Stories: Andreas Peter’s Sting inspired bass neck

In celebration of 30 years at the corner of 14th & Mass St. in Lawrence in 2013, we’ll be sharing stories from Mass Street Music’s past. If you have a Mass Street Music story to share, please email This true tale comes from Andreas Peter who found his perfect bass neck at Mass Street Music about 17 years ago…

Andreas Peter

Andreas playing the bass with the Modulus neck he special ordered from Mass Street Music way back in 1995


My name is Andreas and I am from Germany. My grandma lived in Desoto and we visited her and other family in April of 1995. I have called myself a big Sting fan since 1990, and after a concert in 1993 I wanted a bass like one of his. So I had been looking for a sunburst Fender Precision in Germany and researched the special black neck. It was a Modulus Graphite specially made neck. Modulus was very unknown in Germany. I also was interested in old Fender basses, and had an eye out for those as well. After about two weeks in the USA I got the chance to visit some pawn shops in the Desoto area, and Kansas City. But no bass for my special taste was seen.

My Grandma had a restaurant, called Maria’s, at Lexington Road and there I got to know many people -some were musicians and they told me about Mass Street Music, that ‘nice little shop in Lawrence’. So we went there the next day and I was overwhelmed by the many fancy basses hanging from  the ceiling. I was overwhelmed, having only known the shops in Germany, and here I had discovered a Modulus bass at Mass Street Music. Tim Nelson was there at the store, we talked a bit and I told him about my wish to get a special Modulus neck only. No problem he said… with machine heads… all in black.  No kidding. In fact it was a special order and I had to wait a long time, but I was happy and I left Mass Street Music with a big smile.


Tim Nelson and Andreas Peter at Mass St Music circa 1995

Tim Nelson (left) writing the special order for the Modulus neck with Andreas on the right. We all remarked how much Tim looks like his son (and our shipping guru) Alek in this photo!


receipt from '95 sale of Modulus neck

Andreas still had the receipt. If you’ll notice the business card, apparently back then there was just one business card as we had few enough employees, and you would just circle your name before you gave it to someone.


It took more than a half year until my Grandma could sent it to me, but I did get it. I am still very proud to have a nearly one-of-a-kind bass… Sting has one that looks the same. And I always remember Mass Street Music when I am playing that bass. By the way, I contacted Tim two years ago after I found your homepage and told him about it, and he still remembered. Best regards from Germany -Andreas Peter.

As promised folks, we’ll also being sharing some of our own memories and stories – here’s a sweet photo of boss Jim Baggett circa 1976 – about two years before he opened ‘Michigan St. Music‘, and seven years before he moved it to 14th & Mass where it became Mass Street Music. Jim, on the left in the photo, and his brother Bruce, along with some friends from the Foolkiller were playing at the Kansas City Museum as part of their anniversary celebration that year. Want to share your Mass St Music story? Email

Jim Baggett circa 1976 with brother Bruce

Jim (left) around 1976, playing mandolin with brother Bruce Baggett on guitar, performing at the Kansas City Museum.



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