Mass St Music December Staff Gear Picks!

We’ve been working hard this past month at Mass St Music, planning some exciting updates and changes for the new year, but we are easily distracted by cool gear – which we’ve had plenty of this month. There have been some cool vintage Gretsch Chet Atkins guitars come our way, and some new Seuf guitars, both drool-worthy, but here is what turned our heads and ears the very most this month…

Jim BaggettOme North Star Custom Banjo
Ome has always had a deserved reputation for making tastefully fancy banjos and close examination of this banjo speaks to that. This is an impeccably crafted instrument.

Ome North Star Custom banjo

Jim is spot on with his pick of this Ome North Star Custom banjo – old time tone paired with subtle yet breathtaking detailed craftsmanship.

John FlynnGrosh ElectraJet
It’s nothing short of fascinating how Don consistently builds guitars that are this alive and resonant. This Butterscotch EJ plays like silk and his G90 pickups are the perfect match for this guitar.

Grosh ElectraJet electric guitar butterscotch finish

Flynn’s pick is “alive & resonant!”

Tim Nelson
Eastman AR810 Archtop
I already own 3 Eastman instruments, but I don’t have one of these. At least not yet. It is a stunningly beautiful hand-carved solid wood archtop built in the classic non-cutaway style. The guitar sound amazing and the nitrocellulose lacquer has a beautiful warm patina not found in more modern finishes.

Eastman AR810 Archtop acoustic guitar burst finish

Great minds think alike! Both Alek and Tim Nelson independently chose this AR810 Eastman archtop for its build, tone and great price. The finish is truly gorgeous.

Alek Nelson
Eastman AR810 Archtop
Like all other Eastman guitars at the shop, is AR810 is just such a great deal. This has a solid Spruce top, and solid Maple back and sides, giving this guitar a really beautiful tone. It plays so smoothly too.

Eastman AR810 Archtop burst acoustic guitar

Alek went for this Eastman AR810 too – everything from their electrics to their dreads are stellar and this archtop is no different – a stunner sonically and visually.

Eric Putnam
EarthQuaker Dispatch Master Delay/Reverb Pedal
The Dispatch master is delay and reverb and can be used in many different situations. It works great as a subtle echo as well as an over the top washed out delay. Combined with an overdrive (like the EarthQuaker White light that sound great as well) you can get some great delay for lead tones. If you want a delay/reverb pedal that sounds unique and can get you some great tones check it out.

Earthquaker Dispatch Master Delay Reverb Pedal

Eric is a true pedal head and the minute these came in, he was giving them a test drive. This EarthQuaker Dispatch Master Delay/Reverb Pedal is his pick of the crop so far.

Ted Kritikos
Collings CL Standard
This guitar is just beautiful in its simplicity.  The black lacquer finish has a depth to it that is hard to capture in a picture.  And the tone is breathtaking – rocking and musical at once.

Collings CL Standard electric guitar

Ted’s keen on the Collings CL Standard electric and who can blame him. As he so aptly put it, “..the tone is breathtaking!”

Mike Horan
Repair ShopAnderson Short Hollow T Classic
I really like this guitar.  The neck fits my hand just right, with the fingerboard edge nicely rounded in.  And the sound, even unamplified, is amazingly resonant, courtesy of the chambered body (I’ve always found that an electric that sounds great unplugged, sounds awesome when plugged in).

Anderson Short Hollow T Classic electric guitar

Repair Shop Manager and GM Mike H. was swayed to the electric side this month by this Anderson Short Hollow T Classic – “amazingly resonant”

Matt Harmon
Repair Shop  – Dunlop MXR Joe Bonamassa Signature Cry Baby Wah
Definitely the coolest wah in the store right now. It has a great sweep and isn’t at all harsh sounding as other wahs I’ve tried. Its lighter than the original cry baby and has the option for true bypass internally. Check out Premiere Guitar Magazine’s review of it here.

Dunlop MXR Joe Bonamassa Signature Cry Baby Pedal

Matt H’s pick is the Dunlop/MXR Bonamassa Cry Baby Pedal – “Definitely the coolest Wah in the store right now”.

Anne Tangeman
Fender Blacktop Jaguar
I might have chosen this before…I should just get it, shouldn’t I? I love the Blacktop Jaguar best, but the whole Blacktop line from Fender is seriously underrated. These are built well, with nice detail finishes, great necks and the pickup combos are just killer. I don’t know that you could do better for the $499 price – actually it’s $50 off this month, so it’s only $449. I think these are some of the best deals in the store right now.

Fender Blacktop Jaguar in red finish

Underrated, underpriced, and a whole lot of guitar for the money. Anne should just get this, shouldn’t she? She should.

Jesse Roberts
Ome Wizard 11″ Open Back Banjo
I can’t quite put my finger on what makes this banjo so incredible, but this open back is spectacular. Beautiful craftsmanship, just the right amount of aesthetic flare, and of course a rich, resonant tone that keeps on coming. Seriously, one of the best banjos I have ever heard.

Ome Wizard open back banjo

Jesse’s favorite is this Ome Wizard open back banjo, “…one of the best banjos I’ve ever heard.”

Joshua Huskisson – Chicago Blues Harp
Say hello to my little friend. Super inexpensive harp, classic key of C, and it plays well – great for kids.

Chicago Blues Harmonica key of C

Joshua, the new kid on the block, picks a kid-friendly harmonica, this Chicago Blues Harp.


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