Seuf Guitars – Kansas City’s finest electric guitars at Mass Street Music

We’ve been fans of Seuf Guitars for several years now and we’ve just received a fresh batch of these unique, superbly resonant electrics, as well as two jaw-droppingly cool basses. Dave Seuferling’s craftsmanship and attention to tone are incredible and we’re proud to be carrying this regional builder’s instruments at Mass Street Music.


Seuf OH20 T style guitar red

This Seuf OH-20 T style guitar is a stunner and sounds incredible – Dave’s wood selection, build and finish all add up to phenomenal tone, and the Fralin Blues Special pickups don’t hurt either!

The woods are tone tapped, the necks are just right, and Dave even makes the brass saddles on many of the tele style guitars because he prefers a better grade than is currently available. He also happens to be one of the best in the world when it comes to relic’ing guitars. While the benefits and aesthetics of relic’ing are often debated, Dave’s goal is to create an instrument that feels like it’s been yours for many years, right out of the gate – and we feel he achieves this like no other.

These aren’t scratched up and nicked – these are the real old-school nitrocellulose lacquer finishes and authentic colors (and some Seuferling magic he will never divulge that creates just the right amount of finish checking) — but what it really comes down to is tone and these have it in spades!


SEuf OH16 Bass

This Seuf OH-16 bass has a perfect neck, a sweet Cream finish, and is loaded with Fralin P Bass pickups

The finishes and wear are not just for looks, it’s really all about the sound and the feel. Dave also does amazing custom work as John points out this Seuf Special Builds video:

Stop by and play one, or just give us a call at 800-747-9980 — we think you’ll agree these guitars rival or surpass many high end boutique instruments, often at a better price.

Our latest Seuf Guitars:

Seuf OH-20 T Style, Red with Binding, Fralin Blues Special pickups

Seuf OH-19 S Style, White with Lollar Blackface pickups

Seuf OH-20 T Style, Ash body with Fralin Blues Special pickups

Seuf OH-16 Bass with Fralin P Bass pickups

Seuf OH-18 Bass with Fralin J Bass pickups

Learn more about this great builder:

Mass Street Music Visits Seuf Guitars

Our 2009 interview with Dave Seuferling


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