Repair Shop Spot: The Cow Case & Gretsch mando strings

This past month, like most, brought some interesting items through our Repair Shop. This beautiful guitar case is just one. It housed a Gibson J-200 which was pretty sweet in its own right, but the leather case – wow! This had a faux calf skin interior and super detailed hand tooled leather on the outside.

leather tooled case for Gibson J-200 faux calfskin interior

This hand tooled leather guitar case had one of the most surprising interiors we’d seen recently – fake calfskin. Now that’s twang.


detail hand tooled leather guitar case

The hand tooled leather case was just as cool on the outside – very detailed!


You never know what’s lurking in someone’s guitar or mando case (we’ll have to ask Mike H. to recount the shop’s most interesting guitar case find sometime – it’s a doozy). These super oxidized mando strings were from the case that held the great ‘lighter fluid can pickup‘ mando we featured a while back. Still in the delicate paper, but time and air have rendered these Gretsch mando strings pretty useless. Cool packaging though.


early vintage Gretsch mandolin strings in packaging

Early Gretsch mandolin strings in their original packaging.


Vintage Gretsch mandolin strings in original packaging


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