Mass Street Music October 2012 Staff Gear Picks!

The whole staff agreed the Collings LC Eastside Archtop was one of the coolest instruments to come our way in a long time, and a few of us hankered for this sweet 1952 Gibson ES-5, but in the end, this is what we drooled over the most this month…

Jim BaggettOme Wizard 11” Open Back Banjo
This thing is incredible!

Ome Wizard Open Back Banjo 11" rim

Jim picked this sweet Ome Wizard Open Back banjo – it has an 11″ rim and cool raw brass hardware.


John FlynnAnderson Classic Mellow Yellow
I love playing this guitar. It’s a great weight, nice big old school neck and it’s really harmonically rich. The simple but versatile switching is a sweet bonus and this color is also one of Anderson’s best. This is a true player.

Tom Anderson Classic Electric Guitar in Mellow Yellow finish

This Anderson Classic’s neck and rich harmonics captured Flynn’s attention this month.


Tim NelsonCollings OM1SS VN Custom
This Collings OM has a phenomenal sound. This also has the custom features we’ve been ordering most of our Collings with – no tongue brace and Adirondack bracing for just that much more resonance.

Collings OM1SS VN Custom acoustic guitar

Tim’s pick is this great Collings OM1SS VN Custom acoustic – like many of the custom Collings we order, this has no tongue brace and Adirondack bracing which we feel give you just that much more resonance.


Ted KritikosFender Custom Shop Tele (used)
I love the neck on this tele–it’s got just enough meat on it to give it a vintage feel, but it’s not a baseball bat by any means.  Plus, the birdseye Maple just looks great.

Fender Custom Shop Tele used electric guitar

Ted picked this beautiful, used Fender Custom Shop Tele which has a Birdseye Maple neck it with just the right feel.


Eric PutnamJetter Gold Standard
The Gold Standard is my new favorite overdrive! The left side is the Helium which has great organic low gain. The right side is the Gold Shift that allows you to get a lot more gain and sustain. When you combine the two it creates an amazing lead tone with all of the harmonic’s and sustain that you could want. The best part is the Gold Standard does not get muddy everything remains very articulate and clear.

Jetter Gold Standard effects pedal

This Jetter Gold Standard Pedal is way more than two pedals in one, and is Eric P’s new favorite overdrive.


Alek NelsonDr. Z Mini Z Amp
I just rediscovered the Dr. Z Mini Z Head, and man it is an incredibly useful amp! I love the fact that it has a built-in attenuator, making it great for bedroom jam sessions to smaller gigs. Crank it up to get super saturation and more distortion, you’ll really appreciate having this one in your arsenal!

Dr. Z Mini Z amp head

Alek’s into this Dr. Z Mini Z amp, which packs a lot of versatility and power into a small package.


Matt HarmonEastman E10SS
I really like the shape of this J45 style guitar – it has great volume and very balanced string definition. I prefer the Martin style neck heel over the rounder flatter J45 design – if you’re in need of a pickguard we can make a custom one like we made last month for our buddy Trey too.

Eastman E10 SS Slope Shoulder acoustic guitar with burst finish

Luthier Matt H. loves the great volume and balanced string definition you get with this Eastman E10SS.


Mike HoranCollings 290 S
I love the way the Collings 290 S sounds, even unplugged. Acoustically, it has a really great mid-range honk that, plugged in, gives you that really great staccato rock tone that you associate with classic lightweight mahogany guitars.

Collings 290 S electric guitar black finish

Luthier Mike H. picked this Collings 290 S electric – great looks of course but the tone of this, even unplugged, is what really captured his attention.


Jesse RobertsFishman Loudbox Mini Amp
This little acoustic amp surprised me. It’s small and compact, making it extremely easy to transport, yet still has enough power and volume to fill the room. Perfect for the smaller acoustic gig, it has instrument and mic inputs, as well as a direct out just in case you need it. I appreciate the simple control set up and the well-tuned EQ. The built-in effects sound very natural – the Reverb is lush and smooth, and dial in a bit of Chorus to add another dimension. Cool amp at a great price.

Fishman LoudBox Mini acoustic amp

Jesse R.’s pick is this Fishman LoudBox Mini acoustic amp – 60 watts, under 20 pounds – it’s “easy to transport, yet still has enough power and volume to fill the room”.


Anne Tangeman Taylor BTO GC Mahogany (used)
I love the tone of an all Mahogany guitar and this one sounds great. This Built to Order Taylor also feels great – the grand concert body is super comfortable. One of those that you’ll have within reach at all times.

Taylor Build to Order Mahogany GC acoustic guitar

Anne was smitten with this Taylor Build to Order Mahogany GC acoustic and says it’s one you’ll want to “have within reach at all times”.


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