Pickup Test Drive: Fralin P90s

Pickup Test Drive for guitars graphic imageOur second Pickup Test Drive is up in the store now through Friday, September 14th (NOTE: extended through Friday, Sept. 21) and features Fralin Dogear P90s loaded into my own Gretsch Junior Jet II! If you’ve wanted to try out some Fralin P90 pickups, now is the time. My Junior Jet has a -5% underwound P90 in the  neck and a +5% overwound P90 in the bridge. Killer combination and just one reason we sell our pickups individually so you can get exactly the sound you’re after. On Sept. 14th we’ll  switch this one out for another staff member’s guitar so you can check out some different pickups.

Grestch Junior Jet II with Fralin P90 dogear pickups

Come check out what a set of Fralin P90 pickups can do for a Gretsch Junior Jet

Josh B. and Matt H. in our Repair Shop are serious pickup experts and came up with the great idea of the Pick Up Test Drive, giving everyone a chance to try out some different pickups in different guitar bodies. Matt H. replaced the Gretsch mini-hums in my used Junior Jet with Fralin P-90s (used dogear pickups as the routing/positioning required it- and heck it looks awesome), upgraded the capacitors, and made a super sweet LP Junior style pickguard for it – it’s exactly what I wanted, and cost a lot less than a brand new guitar. Check out all our Fralins here. We also have a great selection of Grosh pickups here. We’ll be adding more pickups down the road too.

Here’s what my Jr. Jet II looked like in process:

Grestch Junior Jet II getting new pickups

My used Gretsch Junior Jet II on the operating table awaiting a pickup transplant


Close up of Gretsch Junior Jet wit Fralin dogear P90 pickups

Now that is beautiful. Stop by and give it a spin.

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