Mass Street Music September 2012 Staff Gear Picks!

Ah, summer’s really over. Not like the leaves weren’t crunchy and brown already, eh? Here’s what we’ve been ogling lately…


Kala KABE Baritone Ukulele

Surprisingly, Jim’s favorite this month is not vintage! This Kala KA-BE bari uke is one of the most playable instruments around and even has a pickup.

Jim BaggettKala KA-BE Baritone Uke with pickup
This is a nice bari uke with a great sound.


Grosh ElectraJet electric guitar black sparkle finish

John loves this Grosh EJ’s “giant tone”

John FlynnGrosh ElectraJet
As close to perfection as it gets. Giant tone, incredible playability and stunning looks.


Taylor Grand Concert 12 Fret Built to Order acoustic guitar

Tim actually picked the wood out himself for this one when he and John visited Taylor a while back.

Tim NelsonTaylor GC 12 Fret Custom BTO
The tone is warm and rich with a great amount of volume in a small package.


Dunlop MXR Blue Box octave fuzz guitar effects pedal

This Dunlop MXR Blue Box octave fuzz pedal caught Ted’s eye (and ears!) this month

Ted KritikosDunlop/MXR Blue Box Pedal
The octave fuzz has to be my favorite effect of all time, and this is a great sounding one at an absurdly low price. In a world full of overdrive pedals, this effect is perfect for the guitarist looking to stand out from the pack.


Squier deluxe active jazz bass white

Matthew’s pick is “a lot of cool bass for the price”

Matthew KhomsiSquier Deluxe Active Jazz Bass
This has two custom single coil Jazz Bass pickups and a fast C shaped neck – it’s a lot of cool bass for the price.


Kala KAFMS soprano ukulele

Alek chose this Kala KA-FMS soprano uke with a killer flame Maple back and sides

Alek NelsonKA-FMS Soprano Uke
The KA-FMS flame Maple soprano uke is one of my favorites here. It has a rich and vibrant tone and the flamed Maple looks sweet!


Fulltone Supa Trem remolo pedal

Eric’s pick of the Fulltone Supa-Trem pedal has the added bonus of knobs so big you can adjust settings with your feet.

Eric PutnamFulltone Supa-Trem Pedal
This is a great sounding Trem! I love the vintage trem sounds that you can get out it. I also appreciate the giant knobs – you can change settings with your feet. And of course like all Fulltone stuff, it’s built like a tank.


M-Audio Avid Mobile Pre recording interface unit

Josh has been using this M-Audio Avid Mobile Pre recording interface to record our latest videos and says it’s “so easy to use”.

Josh BaldridgeRepair Shop LuthierM-Audio Avid Mobile Pre Recording Interface
This thing is so easy to use to record and at $150 it even comes with a copy of ProTools SE. It’s what we use to record our Mass Street Music videos. It’s amazing to think that quality recording has become so easy and inexpensive for any of us to do. (Check our more about what gear we use to record our videos here.)


Bourgeois Vintage OM Custom acoustic guitar

Luthier Mike R picked this Bourgeois Vintage OM Custom which he says, “uses the same construction techniques and appointments I’d use to build my ideal guitar”.

Mike RunyonRepair Shop LuthierBourgeois Vintage OM Custom
Outside of this being my favorite acoustic body size/style, this guitar uses the same construction techniques and appointments I’d use to build my ideal guitar….and it pays off. Tonally, this has amazing focus and projection. The overall resonance assures that the player is thoroughly engaged. With nickel Waverly tuners, herringbone purfling, ivoroid binding, Indian Rosewood back and sides, an Adirondack top AND impeccable finish, this OM is as much an art piece as it is a player.


Yamaha FG720S 12 string guitar

Jesse’s pick, the Yamaha FG720S 12 string, is “a deal”.

Jesse RobertsYamaha FG720S 12 String
This 12 string is a deal – good build, great sound and a decent price.


Fender Blacktop Strat HSH black hum single hum

This Fender Blacktop Strat HSH caught Anne’s eye with it’s “powerhouse pickup combo”.

Anne TangemanFender Blacktop Strat HSH
Fender just dropped the price on these guitars and I think you’d be hard pressed to find something this well-built, with this powerhouse HSH pickup combo at $499. Very cool!


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