Repair Shop Spot: Martin F65 Electric Guitar, Homemade Mandolin Pickup

A lot of interesting things come through the repair shop at Mass Street Music and this month is no exception…Like this unusual Martin F65 electric guitar that came through last week. The F65, along with the F50 and F55 were produced around 1962 – 1965. The F65 featured DeArmond humbuckers and a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. Luthier Mike Runyon cleaned all the electronics, hardware and the guitar itself to make this family treasure play like new.

Martin F65 electric guitar

Another of my favorites this month was when Vicky stopped by with her dad’s mandolin. He was ‘master tinker’ and had constructed an amazing homemade mando pickup from wrapping wire around a magnet and loading that into a lighter fluid can as the pickup housing. After attaching a cable and jack to it, he was ready to go. We’d never seen one quite like that.

Mandolin pickup made from lighter fluid can

“Always a Sure Light” lighter fluid can turned into mando pickup – that’s a bit of genius right there.

Luthier Josh B. has been gluing some of this mando back together so it will play better than ever.  Who knows what is around the corner?

Mandolin with lighter fluid can pickup and vintage case

Vicky’s dad made the pickup. The mando was really interesting too – nice inlay…


back of bowlback mandolin

…and the back is just gorgeous.

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