Grosh Fat 60s Pickups – Review

Back in ’09 our good buddy and Mass Street Music alumni Brian Soden reviewed his set of Grosh pickups:

Grosh Fat 60s Pickups

Grosh Fat 60s Pickups

I’ve had a set of Grosh 60s Fat pickups in my Grosh Retro Classic for about a month now.  Hands down, this is by far the best money I’ve spent in a LONG time! These are exactly what my guitar needed. The set includes the Grosh Fat 60s neck pickup, and the Fat 60s Middle Reverse Wound pickup, and the Fat 60s Bridge pickup with a base plate.

The first time I plugged in,it was like a lid had been taken off my RC.  All of the nuances and characteristics of my guitar (and my playing!) came through the amp so well.

These Grosh Fat 60s pups are very rich and so musical. They don’t produce the typical ‘super scooped-out mids’ sound that other pickup makers tend to go for on vintage-style strat replacements.  I think going that route actually tends to make your guitar sound thin, and you end up getting lost in the mix when you play out because there’s no substance to your tone! These, on the other hand, are just right on every level.

The bridge pickup (mine has the baseplate) has a nice full tone and feel to it…definitely not thin or wimpy! Just tasty strat goodness:)  These aren’t high output pickups, which is exactly what one would want for an authentic vintage strat tone. They let more of the guitar do the talking and help bring out all of the character you and your instrument have to express!

Hats off to the crew over at Grosh. You guys really hit a home run with these pickups. When I bought my first Grosh years back, it became a turning point for me as a player and really inspired me. It opened up a door for me as a musician. I haven’t felt that way about any guitar-related purchase since then…until about a month ago when I had these pickups installed:)

Thanks for listening to me gush, but seriously…you really owe it to yourselves to check these out! -Brian Soden

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