Flynn, you ready for your close-up? Mass St Music Videos!

Mass Street Music film video slatboard


It’s obviously not always easy to tell what a guitar, an amp, or pickups really sound like when you’re looking at something online, so we’ve started doing some videos to better show you some of our favorites at Mass Street Music.  These are all done in house, with our own Jesse Roberts at the helm of the camera when he’s not touring with his band Quiet Corral. He’s had help from several folks here at the store including luthier Josh Baldridge who has turned out to be a stellar producer, as well as our ‘stars’  (so far) Boss Flynn and Eric Putnam.

Look for more videos soon, including pedal demos and the most elusive – one of boss Jim Baggett waxing poetic on the amazing Collings CJ Customs he collaborated on with Bill Collings. Until then, check out our first offerings:

Eric checks out some Fralin Humbuckers in a Seuf relic’d Les Paul (you can check this one out yourself at the store through August 21st – see the Pickup Test Drive for more info):


John gives the Collings 290 S a run through:


Flynn rocking a Grosh ElectraJet with Fralin P90s:

Look for more coming to our Mass Street Music channel soon (you can even subscribe)!



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