Mass Street Music July 2012 Staff Gear Picks!

Say, is it hot or….oh, never mind. We’re staying indoors rocking out and hoping you are keeping cool as well. Here is some of the great music gear we’ve been geeking on lately:

vintage 1944 Martin 000-21 acoustic guitar

This sweet ’44 Martin 000-21 is professionally restored, a versatile player and Jim’s pick for July.

Jim BaggettMartin 1944 000-18
This is a nice guitar – really fun to play. The restoration work is superior – this needs nothing but a new owner.


Collings City Limits CL electric guitar Brockburst finish

Both Flynn and Ted flipped for this killer Collings City Limits CL electric.

John FlynnCollings City Limits CL Electric (Brockburst finish)
One unreal guitar!


Collings MT GT Mandolin

A wider nut and well balanced sound are just a few of the reasons Tim chose this Collings MT GT mando.

Tim NelsonCollings MT GT Mandolin
I love the wide nut option on this and the honey amber color is really beautiful. The tone is stellar. I particularly like the top end – it’s nice, round, and sweet. It’s well balanced in sound and very open for a brand new mandolin.


Custom Drake Bass model 4

Matthew’s favorite is this beautifully crafted Drake Custom Model 4 Bass that plays like a dream.

Matthew KhomsiDrake Model 4 Bass
The 33″ scale makes such a difference on the feel, you just have to play it to see what I mean.  It has all the depth in tone you could ever want, yet it has this zippy touch to it that just makes you fly.  The Jatoba neck is a new favorite of mine and balance between the Alder and Curly Maple tone woods provides a killer combination.  The Maple provides just the right amount of brightness you want on a bass while the Alder is the tried and true meaty tone wood for basses.  The lightening fast feel with the huge sounding EMG pickups make this absolutely the best bass anywhere near this price.


Jetter Gear Gold Standard Guitar Effects Pedal

Alek’s pick combines the Jetter Gold Shift and Helium pedals into this cool (and super versatile) Gold Standard pedal.

Alek NelsonJetter Gear Gold Standard Pedal
This Gold Standard combines tweaks of the existing circuits of the Jetter’s Gold Shift and Helium pedals, which I already loved – but stacked together this is outstanding! Ordering one for myself.


Collings City Limits CL Electric guitar

Ted has developed quite a crush on this Collings City Limits CL – it’s on a hanger near his desk. “It makes it hard to get any work done around here,” he said.

Ted KritikosCollings City Limits CL Electric
I want this burst so bad.  I have to stare at this guitar all day, hanging in front of my desk.  Amazing tone, beautiful looks, perfect fit-and-finish.  It makes it hard to get any work done around here.


Fender American Standard Telecaster Jade Metallic Pearl

Eric’s pick is the Fender American Standard Tele which now features Custom Shop pickups.

Eric PutnamFender American Standard Tele (Jade metallic pearl finish)
This is a really cool tele- plays and sounds great but also has some sweet 2012 upgrades. Fender just started putting in Custom Shop pickups in all of their new American Standards and it’s a big improvement. The pickups are fatter sounding and much more articulate. And did I mention that it is a beautiful shade of green  – who doesn’t want a green guitar?!


Rode NT5 microphone

Mike H uses this Rode NT5 mic in his own band (the Midday Ramblers!) and says, “Awesome mic for the price.”

Mike HoranRepair ShopRode NT-5 Mic
I highly recommend the Rode NT-5  as a spot mic for any acoustic instrument in an ensemble setting.  My bluegrass band uses the NT-2 as our main mic, and I have the NT-5 right next to it to pick up my guitar (with the mic stand at a lower height to account for my status as shortest member of the band).  I’ve never had a problem with feedback and the headroom seems to be limitless.  Awesome mic for the price.


Gibson Les Paul Special 2002

Mike R chose this used LP Special because it’s a “true value for the money” and the P-100 pickups. Anne T picked it as well because it’s “a classic with that sleek, pared down Special vibe.”

Mike RunyonRepair ShopGibson Les Paul Special
This used guitar just came in and hasn’t been used enough! It’s set up well, plays and sounds great. For a 10 year old guitar, there’s not much wear. It sports Gibson Deluxe tuners and P-100 pickups too. This one’s a true value for the money.

Anne TangemanGibson Les Paul Special
I have to agree with Mike R on this Les Paul Special – it’s a serious piece of Mahogany, feels amazing and plays like a dream. A classic, with that sleek pared down Special vibe I love, P-100 pickups too. Very tempting.


Loop Master 5 Loop Switcher with Bypass

Jesse loves this Loop Master 5 Loop Switcher for its durability, reliability and cool ‘no frills’ design.

Jesse RobertsLoop Master 5-Loop w/ Bypass
If only I had a big enough board! Like everything from Loop Master, it’s handmade with the highest-quality components. Durable, reliable, and no frills (which I love). No more reaching, and no more tone loss from gobs of cable. Simple is better, and this switcher will take you there.


Visual Sound One Spot effects plug

Chucho’s pick is one of the most useful items in the store — the indispensable Visual Sound One Spot Adapter. Yeah, he’s a dog, but he’s a really smart dog.

ChuchoVisual Sound One Spot
Chucho likes the cardboard packaging this comes in, but it’s also one of our top ten favorite accessories – ever. Reliable adapter that’s super slim and won’t hog your power strip.


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