Mass St Music June 2012 Staff Gear Picks!

The past few weeks have brought some really amazing things into the store including more Analog Outfitter Sarge amps, this Gibson Historic ’61 SG LP Stinger (which we knew would go quickly), some new Eastman Acoustics and some great used gear including this used Collings 290. Here’s what each of us has had our eye on the most:


Don Grosh ElectraJet Standard with G90 pickups

John's favorite is loaded with Grosh's own killer 'G-90' pickups

John FlynnGrosh ElectraJet Standard with G-90s
This Standard gives you the same amazingly resonant response and total playing ease that the Grosh Customs have. This guitar sings and is just a blast to play.


Henderson D28 Style acoustic guitar

Jim has been favoring this Henderson which has a 'huge sound'.

Jim BaggettWayne Henderson D28 Style
This guitar shows why Wayne’s guitars are so respected and sought after – huge sound and very fun to play.


Eastman MD915 F Style Mandolin

Tim likes this Eastman MD915 F Style mando's 'full voice and nice, round top end' sound.

Tim NelsonEastman MD915 F Style Mandolin
This a beautiful mandolin and an unbelievable value. Top shelf materials and a varnish finish for $2400.It has a full voice with a nice round top end.


Fender American Standard Jazz Bass Jade Pearl Metallic with Rosewood at massstreetmusic

Matthew loves 'everything about this' Fender American Std Jazz Bass in the new Jade Pearl Metallic finish.

Matthew KhomsiFender American Standard Jazz Bass (Jade Pearl Metallic)
I love everything about this bass! The custom shop pickups are a big upgrade because they offer more clarity and frequency balance. This new finish is arguably the coolest color they have ever released.


Fender American Standard Strat in Jade Pearl Metallic

Alek has also been swayed by the new Jade Pearl Metallic finish on this Fender American Std Strat, but also loves the Custom Shop Fat '50s pickups too.

Alek NelsonFender American Standard Strat (Jade Pearl Metallic)
This 2012 American Standard Strat has some big upgrades, both in tone and aesthetics, and I love the new Jade Pearl Metallic finish. The Fender Custom Shop Fat ’50s pickups in this are the very essence of Strat tone too.


Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Signature PAF Pickups

Josh loves these Duncan Bonamassa Signature PAF pickups - 'cloned'!

Josh BaldridgeRepair Shop –  Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Signature PAF Pickups
I’ve been looking forward to getting a set of these Bonamassa PAFs in stock since we heard so many great reviews. There are other pickups that reconstruct the physical elements of vintage PAFs, but the idea of cloning the sound of a particularly great pair of PAFs (like Duncan did here) is an exciting approach. There has been quite a buzz about them online. We recently received some, then they sold in a flash after just one day on our website. More on on the way soon,  just give us a call if you’d like to reserve a set.


Collings I-35 semi hollow electric guitar with Burst finish

"Amazing" Matt H. says of this gorgeous Collings I-35. We couldn't agree more.

Matt HarmonRepair ShopCollings I-35
This was a hard decision as we have 3 guitars that I would love to take home, but since the Gibson SG LP Reissue (Stinger) is gone, it was between the white Collings 290 double cut and the Collings I-35. This I-35 just rings out and its such an amazing instrument. The Mahogany used on the back and neck is stunning and the detail work with the back binding (how it rides around the heel cap) is very tasteful.


Fullton Mini Deja Vibe Effects Pedal

Eric loves this Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe pedal because it can go 'anywhere from subtle to just plain crazy.'

Eric PutnamFulltone Mini Deja Vibe Pedal
This is such a great pedal. If you want that Jimi uni vibe sound this will do the job well. It can go anywhere from subtle to just plain crazy. Check it out. It will probably be an addition on my board very soon!


Demeter Fuzzy Octavulator Effects Pedal

This Demeter Fuzzy Octavulator pedal is one of Ted's favorites for lead lines and solos - plus it's just fun to say 'Octavulator', right?

Ted KritikosDemeter Fuzzy Octavulator Pedal
This is one of my favorite effects in the store for lead lines and solos.  The octave side of this pedal really adds another dimension to my tone, and the fuzz just makes everything a little nasty.  I think this pedal really shines in front of a loud tube amp – just the thing for making your guitar stand out in the mix.


J. Romero Custom Open Back Banjo

Jesse's keen on this stunning Romero and says it 'has it all'.

Jesse RobertsJ. Romero Custom Open Back Banjo
This banjo has it all – great sound and really beautiful as well – the whole body, the back in particular is just breathtaking.


Fender Modern Player Marauder electric guitar in black

Anne says this Fender Modern Player Marauder is 'a total steal'.

Anne TangemanFender Modern Player Marauder
There are a lot of things I love about this guitar from the shape and feel to the low price, but my favorite thing about it is the pickups – this has a Fender Triplebucker in the bridge position and a Jazzmaster in the neck position with 5 way switching. Build quality and detailing is great. I think this one’s a total steal.


Hohner Marine Band Harmonic key of C and case

Chucho's pick is this classic Hohner Marine Band harmonica in the key C

ChuchoHohner Marine Band Harmonica Key of C
Chucho’s been listening to a lot of Slim Harpo lately and decided he’d take up the harmonica. He’s got a tough time with his paws and all, but Josh is soon fitting him for his own harp holder just like Dylan.

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