What’s behind that door? 6 Vintage Sunbursts…

3 vintage 1930s Burst acoustic guitars and one Martin

A vintage burst bonanza graced Jim's office the other day! Vintage 30s acoustics

The arrival at Mass St Music the other day of a pristine sunburst late 30s L-00 Gibson aroused my curiosity about variances in sunburst style and color. There are clear and distinct differences in L-00 guitars from earlier years, but I was just curious as to the differences of color in guitars that were all close to the same age.  I seem to have accumulated quite a few lately and pulled five out for comparison. They  are my children, so of course I like them all, but found the variety interesting and of course a good photo opportunity. The five Gibsons are all late 30s and just for contrast I threw in a 1937 Martin D-18.  – Jim Baggett

Ed. note: though these are not for sale, we often have some spectacular vintage instruments at Mass St Music, easily found here on our vintage page. We also have a variety of newer fine burst acoustics in right now like this used Bourgeois Slope D, this Collings CJ G Maple Custom, this Eastman E10 SS Slope Shoulder, and this Leo Posch DM. Check out all our full selection of acoustic guitars here.

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