Oddity of the Month: Turn of the Century Washburn Parlor Guitar (Repair)

This Washburn Parlor guitar was inexpertly repaired years ago by the owner, when he was a young boy. He received the guitar from his grandfather who originally owned and played it. Mass Street Music Repair Shop Manager Mike Horan shares what work he’s been doing on this rare one….

inside label of an early 20th century Washburn parlor acoustic guitar

The label of the Washburn Parlor guitar - the original owner's name and 'Aug. 1903' appear in pencil

I had to take this parlor almost completely apart to remove the badly reglued joints. I installed a new bridgeplate and several braces to replace the original (destroyed) small Spruce bridgeplate.

clamps on interior front of 20th century Washburn parlor guitar

Clamps hold the new bridgeplate in place til it's dry

The back and sides on this are beautiful Brazilian Rosewood. I’ve reglued all the back braces and glued countless cracks and even spliced in a piece of wood. The back is about to go back on and be refinished.

Back piece of early Washburn parlor acoustic guitar

The inside of the back which is much stronger now thanks to Mike's expertise.


view of internal bracing of early 20th century Washburn parlor guitar

Gee your braces look beautiful!


back piece of an early 20th century Washbur parlor guitar

Beautiful Brazilian Rosewood on the back of this guitar. It will soon be reunited with the rest of the parlor and refinished for a new lease on life.

(We’ll post more photos when Mike is done resuscitating this beauty!)


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