April 2012 Mass St Music Staff Gear Picks!

Collings 290 S electric guitar

John's favorite, this Collings 290 S, is easily one of the best of the month, and a brilliant new take on a classic

John FlynnCollings 290 S
Fantastic sounding guitar and so in tune. Collings did a masterful job on this tailpiece. Plus it just looks so good!


Collings D1 VN SB acoustic guitar

Jim might end up with this Collings D1 VN SB himself if he doesn't stop looking at it...

Jim BaggettCollings D1 VN SB
We ordered this with the dark, almost Gibson-style shading. Everyone that sees it, including me, is drawn to it. We also did the Vintage Neck on this one, which is so close to the 1935-1939 necks that I am automatically at home. This is one of the Sitka custom models with the Adirondack bracing that we’ve been ordering lately and the sound does not disappoint. I notice this one every day and have grown to like it even more, if that is possible.


Eastman E10 OM acoustic guitar

Tim likes this Eastman E10 OM so much he ordered one for himself!

Tim NelsonEastman E10 OM
I like these so much I have one on order for myself. I find the E10 OM is a great balance between performance and price. I have never heard a better $1000 guitar, and the  short scale is incredibly fun to play.


Egnater Rebel 30 112 Combo Amplifier

Matthew says, "Plain and simple, this is an amazing amp."

Matthew KhomsiEgnater Rebel 30 112
Plain and simple, this is an amazing amp. The depth you hear out of this amp puts it in a class above any other in this price. It has a direct, XLR, output which also incorporates the tone of the power tubes so guitarists can now enjoy blending a microphone on the speaker and a DI signal like bassists have been doing for years. Behind this great feature is a silent mode for doing late night recording with the DI output on your computer. Overall, I have been very pleased with the Egnater line, but this amp in particular impressed me the most.


Fender Passport 500 portable PA system

Alek likes the 'smart design' of this Fender Passport 500 portable PA

Alek NelsonFender Passport 500
This Passport 500 is a really smart design – the three piece system packs up easily into one PA system that’s truly portable but has enough power for the built-in 8-channel mixer that’s made to handle everything from vocals to instruments to music players.


Squier Vintage Modified Tele Custom II

Eric chose this Squier Vintage Modified Tele Custom II in part because it's 'unreal for the price'.

Eric PutnamSquier Vintage Modified Tele Custom 2
Squire just keeps making guitars that seem unreal for the price. This Tele is no exception if you are looking for an affordable guitar with p90s that plays great. This is the one.


Collings 290 S electric guitar

Ted concurs on Flynn's pick of the month, the Collings 290 S!

Ted KritikosCollings 290 S
I’m borderline obsessed with this guitar. The upgraded Collings wraparound bridge adds a great deal of sustain to the instrument, and it’s compensated to boot, so the intonation stays correct up and down the neck. I think this guitar would be perfect for the discriminating alt-rocker looking for a simple and versatile instrument.


Grosh ElectraJet Custom electric guitar

Josh loves how this Grosh ElectraJet, "captures the offset 'melted' body asthetic of a Jazzmaster, but its size makes it as comfortable as a Strat."

Josh BaldridgeRepair ShopGrosh ElectraJet Custom
I have been looking forward to hearing this guitar ever since Grosh told us of the new pickup they were designing. The Electrosonic pickups are great…they have the rich tone of an overwound single coil pickup (i.e. p-90 or Jazzmaster) but with so much more clarity than most. I love how the ElectraJet captures the offset “melted” body aesthetic of a Jazzmaster, but its size makes it as comfortable as a Strat.


Squier Vintage Modified Surf Strat in Surf Green finish

Matt's loving the entire Squier Vintage Modified series, but this VM Surf Strat in particular.

Matt HarmonRepair ShopSquier Vintage Modified Surf Strat
I’m really impressed with all the new Squier Vintage Modified series guitars. The last 5 guitars that have gone through the shop for free set ups have all been incredible guitars. Somebody at Fender made the right choice here, a inexpensive guitar with great playability and good looks. Finally a win from Squier.


Gold Tone CC50RP Cripple Creek Resonator Banjo

Jesse's pick, the Gold Tone CC50RP Banjo, gives you a lot of banjo at a low price

Jesse RobertsCC-50RP Cripple Creek Resonator Banjo
This CC-50 gives you a lot of bang for the buck – nicely made and great sound.


Squier Mini Strat 3/4 sized electric guitar in pink

Anne picked the Squier Mini Strat & would have had one when she was 12 if she could turn back time.

Anne TangemanSquier Mini Strat
Ah, if I could have had one of these back when I first tried to learn to play guitar! Instead I toiled with a too-large-for-me acoustic and gave it up til my 20s. This is really great for beginners with smaller hands plus it’s just fun to have around even for an adult. ¾ size classic strat-ness! Comes in other colors too, but how cool is this bubblegum pink?!!


Stanton DJ Pro 1000 MKII Headphones

If you could just see Chucho jamming with his headphones...

ChuchoStanton DJ Pro 1000 MKII Headphones
Sleek, lightweight, powerful and best of all balanced with full bass. Chucho’s been rocking around the repair shop with these on lately but alas, he’s too quick for a photo.


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