Oddity of the month: A Harwood Instrument Trifecta


Harwood guitar with strings off

This Hardwood guitar is a customer's, currently in for repairs, but we had to share an image of it with you.

Mike H. in the Repair Shop just shared with me that we happened to have three Harwood instruments from two different customers in for repairs right now. The history of these turn of the 20th century instruments was recently featured in Fretboard Journal. One guitar had the neck off for repairs, but here are photos of the other guitar and one mando – just beautiful and so well made.

Harwood guitar close up of soundhole

Really nice soundhole inlay on this Harwood


One of these belongs to a good friend of the store, who incidentally is related to the folks who ran Jenkins Music in Kansas City, which sold Harwood instruments. These were made in the late 1800s – early 1900s and look like they will stand the test of time after a little TLC from our repair shop.  Fretboard Journal’s fantastic article on the history of Harwood can be found in their Issue 23 which had Gillian Welch on the cover.

Harwood mandolin or mandolino

This Harwood mandolin is a real beauty.


Harwood Mandolin closeup of pickguard

A closeup of the Harwood mando's decorative pickguard

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