March 2012 Mass St Music Staff Gear Picks!

Grosh NOS Retro electric guitar

The new Grosh NOS Retro -- John's pick 'o the litter this month

John FlynnGrosh NOS Retro
Simply one of the best sounding instruments I have ever played and Mass St Music veterans Michael Hamm and Brian Soden both concur. Not only that, but it’s a total beauty as well.


Collings D1 VN Custom acoustic guitar

Jim says this Collings D1 VN Custom is 'simply wonderful'.

Jim BaggettCollings D1 VN
We’ve been ordering these with Adirondack bracing and no tongue brace for more resonance and I have to say, this one sounds simply wonderful.


Goodall MDRP 12S Parlor acoustic guitar

Tim's favorite is this beautiful, used Goodall MDRP 12S Parlor acoustic

Tim NelsonGoodall MDRP 12S Parlor
I have always liked the amazing overtones James Goodall guitars have. This guitar has really clean and clear low end that is really appealing. The Madagascar is amazing on this perfectly stunning guitar.


The Presonus Firestudio Project Recording System

Matthew's new demos have been much easier to get down with the Presonus Firestudio

Matthew KhomsiPresonus Firestudio Project
Lately, I have been spending more time making demos of new material on my own and it has been all because of this Presonus interface and the Cubase LE4 software that comes with it. I am not a big recording junkie, so finding the right software that would work for me, without much training, was important. Everything was simple running on a Windows 7 PC and I haven’t looked back. It has been a blast making recordings of my band in addition to it being a useful writing tool.


Egnater Rebel 30 112 Combo Amp

Eric loves the British & classic American tones (& everything in between) with this Egnater Rebel 30

Eric PutnamEgnater Rebel 30 112 Combo Amp
The Egnater Rebel 30 is an extremely versatile amp. With the turn of a switch you can change from the classic tone of an American amp to the roar of a British amp. The two channels are great too. The clean channel sounds very natural and with the tone controls you can get any kind of clean tone imaginable. I was able to dial in a very Fender-ish bright clean tone as well as a darker warmer clean tone. The second channel is where it really starts to get fun. there is an amazing amount of gain available and you can get anything from a light bluesy tone to a high gain sound that still lets the sound of your guitar come through. The bottom line is if you want an amp that can do British and American tones and anything in between the Egnater Rebel 30 is the one for you.


Egnater Rebel 20 Amp Head

Alek says of the Egnater Rebel 20, "Very cool head!"

Alek NelsonEgnater Rebel 20 Amp Head
This Rebel 20 sounds great. It has a wide-range of gain, takes you from sparkling clean to percussive crunch to all out, full-on distortion. The tube mix control is amazing. Very cool head!


Kiwaya Soprano Ukulele

Ted says the Kiwaya Soprano ukes are "exceptionally well built" with a "beautiful sound".

Ted KritikosKiwaya Soprano Uke
If you’re a serious uke fan and have been dreaming of a vintage Martin uke, you should definitely check out this Kiwaya Soprano, and the whole line. These are exceptionally well built with an eye to vintage Martin ukes. Beautiful sound and they’re built for a lifetime of playing. Love these.


Fender clip on chromatic tuner FT-004

Mike R. says the Fender Fender Clip On Chromatic Tuner is "a steal" at $16.95

Mike RunyonRepair ShopFender Chromatic Clip On Tuner
I’ve been enjoying the clip on style tuner for a while now. They are great for acoustic instruments of all sizes and work well at isolating the instruments even in high noise situations. We recently started carrying a Fender version that allows you to select the instrument you’re tuning. Whether it’s a guitar, uke, bass or violin, it will display which # string you are tuning and glows vivid green when the proper tuning is reached. The best part is the price – at $16.95, they’re a steal!


Fender Road Worn 50s Tele electric guitar

Josh B. loves the pickups in this Fender Road Worn '50s Tele and says this guitar is "a great bang for the buck".

Josh BaldridgeRepair ShopFender Road Worn Series 50s Tele
Maybe it’s because my personal Tele Custom is out of commission right now, but I have been having way too much fun with some other Teles we have in stock. This Fender Road Worn Series 50s Tele is a great bang for the buck guitar (plus you’ll never worry about putting a scratch in it). It is well built and the stripped neck with taller frets feels wonderful. Also, it is lightweight and would be comfortable to play during an entire gig. The bridge pickup has that classic Tele attack and the neck pickup brings a more woody, almost hollow body kind of sound into the mix.


Goldtone OB-250 Orange Blossom banjo

Jesse's favorite, this Goldtone OB-250 Orange Blossom banjo 'packs a punch'.

Jesse RobertsGold Tone OB-250 Orange Blossom Banjo
This Orange Blossom packs a serious punch and is built for the long haul. Really nice banjo.


Grosh Retro Classic Standard with gloss Candy Apple Red finish

Anne's sold on the Grosh Standard line, particularly this Retro Classic Standard in gloss Candy Apple Red.

Anne TangemanGrosh Retro Classic Standard
You might already know you can basically design your dream guitar with all the options in Grosh’s Custom line, but their Standard line is thoroughly amazing as well, including this RC Standard in Candy Apple Red. I didn’t realize Don builds less than 300 guitars in a year and these Standards are priced in the realm of some high end Fenders, but offer seriously hand-crafted workmanship – right down to the killer pickups. I love the options on the customs, but the standards, both Retro Classics and the EJs are simply fantastic instruments. You know when you pick up an electric, strum it without even plugging it in, and can tell it’s amazing? That’s exactly what this is. I was always a cheap guitar girl, but this RC has me thinkin’.


Kiwaya Soprano Uke gig bag

This Kiwaya uke gig bag is great for ukes, but Chucho says it's pretty dang comfortable for a dog to lounge in too.

ChuchoKiwaya Soprano Uke Gig Bag
This new gig bag is not only super durable, but it’s super comfy inside too, which Chucho can attest to.


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