The Armadillo Charango

traditional Armadillo back of a Charango in the Mass St Music repair shop

That's the back...and a hairy one at that.

Well, you just never know what you’re going to see in our store or the repair shop, and this month brought us an Armadillo Charango. The Charango is an Andean instrument with 10 strings – 2 sets of 5, with 4 sets in unison and one set an octave higher. Traditionally the back was made from an armadillo though most no longer are. The one in our shop was a getting a crack repaired (the top, not the armadillo shell).  Here’s what a charanago sounds like in the hands of an expert…or a ninja.

Traditional Charango made from an Armadillo, being repaired in Mass St Music repair shop

Mike R who fixed this charango questioned if Ovation got an idea for their rounded backs from this perhaps?


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