New On the Bench (& Update!): Bourgeois Slope D

Bougeois Slope D acoustic guitar before repairs completed

Mike H. is doing a bridge reglue and refret on this Bourgeois Slope D

Our repair shop manager, Mike Horan, is doing a bridge reglue and a refret on this beautiful Bourgeois which after a few years just needed a little TLC. This one should be ready around the beginning of April. This Slope D is going to be fantastic when it’s finished. Here’s a look at the before pics (more posted here, along with other ‘On the Bench’ projects here). We’ll post updated photos when Mike’s done with the job and this beauty is up for sale.

March 2012 – It’s done, and Mike did a spectacular job!  You can see full photos of the completed guitar on our Mass St Music website. Here are some images of Mike in the process of the refret job…

guitar refret job, placing the fret

Mike carefully places the fret


guitar refret job, wetting the fret space

Mike often wets the area before placing the fret for a better fit


guitar refret, hammering fret into place

Mike hammers the fret (carefully!) into place


freshly refretted guitar

Mike does some detailed finish work after placing the frets so it's smooth and sounds perfect


guitar bridge reglued

Mike also reglued the bridge on this Bourgeois Slope D


Bourgeois Slope D acoustic guitar just refretted

The Bourgeois Slope D is like new again


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