February 2012 Mass St Music Staff Gear Picks!

We have loads of great new gear in the store and some killer used items as well. Here’s what’s been turning our heads at the store lately…

John FlynnTungsten Buckwheat Amp
Phenomenal for performance or the studio. And at a great weight, it’s 30 watts but still grab-and-go.

Tungsten Buckwheat 112 Combo Amp

John says this Tungsten Buckwheat 112 Amp is 'phenomenal'

Jim BaggettCollings D2H VN Custom
Beautiful sound on this – we’ve really been pleased with the no tongue brace combined with Adirondack bracing – a small change that makes a big difference with Collings’ already exceptional build.

Collings D2H VN Custom Acoustic Guitar with no tongue brace, Adirondack bracing

Another custom Collings with no tongue brace and Adirondack Spruce bracing - we love these.

Tim NelsonCollings 01 SB
The sunburst on this guitar is just gorgeous. I really like the subtle light 1 style ‘burst Collings does. The woods they picked to build this guitar are unique and beautifully figured. This guitar is surprisingly warm for a single 0 size. A lot of fun to play.

Collings 01 SB acoustic guitar with a beautiful burst finish

"Surprisingly warm for a single 0"

Matthew KhomsiTC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb
There is a reason this pedal has been so hot even though it has been out for over a year – it’s awesome! I use this pedal all the time and I haven’t even taken advantage of the cool Toneprint feature yet, where you can replace the last patch on it. This is my favorite reverb pedal by far.

TC Electric Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal

Matthew's favorite reverb pedal!

Alek NelsonMusic Man Stingray 4 HH Bass
This may be the most gorgeous bass I have seen in the store! The “roasted Maple” neck is beautiful and is similar to naturally aged woods with a lower moisture content. Great tone. Just look at the pictures, they do all the talking.

Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 4 Bass HH with Roasted Maple neck

Alek's favorite is this Music Man Stingray 4 HH Bass

Mike HoranRepair ShopPosch DM
This vintage-styled Mahogany dreadnought delivers on so many levels. Aesthetically, the hand-rubbed sunburst Adirondack top is stunning. Leo Posch’s method highlights the depth in the Spruce that you don’t get with a spray-on burst. And the lighter stain that he uses on the back really highlights the Mahogany grain as well. As for the sound, this guitar has a broken-in, super responsive sound that is rare in new guitars. The bass end is big, without being tight, and balances well with the treble strings. The fret work is exceptional, and plays true up and down the neck. I’ve had a Posch DM for 5 years now, and continue to be inspired by it. My only regret is that my life doesn’t allow me more time with it.

Leo Paosch DM acoustic guitar

Mike H says the Posch DM 'delivers on so many levels'. Agreed!

Ted KritikosTakamine EC132SC
I love the warm presence that the “cool tube” preamp adds to the sound of this guitar.  It’s a great player too, with a nice low action from our shop.

Takamine EC132SC Classical guitar

Ted's pick, this Takamine EC132SC, comes with 'cool tube' preamp...

Jesse RobertsCollings UT-2K Koa Tenor Uke
This is simply the cadillac of ukes. Great sound and it’s gorgeous too.

Collings UT-2K Koa ukulele

Jesse's calls this Collings UT-2K Koa uke the 'cadillac of ukes'.

Anne TangemanAnderson Short T Classic
I’m not normally a tele person, but there’s something about the feel of this one I really like. The pickups too are out of this world – I think it’s a real workhorse that can do just about anything.

Anderson Short T Classic electric guitar in black finish

Anne says this Anderson Short T Classic is 'a real workhorse'.

Eric PutnamElectro Harmonix Big Muff Pi
The BM Pi is a total classic with good reason – one of the best distortion/sustains out there.

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi distortion/sustain effects pedal

Eric's pick is a 'total classic'.


Isaac FlynnFender Modern Player Tele Bass
Seriously cool. This has a great retro feel, is loaded with two killer humbuckers and sounds amazing.

Fender Modern Player Tele Bass

This Fender Modern Player Tele Bass caught Isaac's eye

Zach MehlNord Stage 2 SW73 Keyboard

Nord Stage 2 SW73 Keyboard

This Nord Stage 2 SW73 Keyboard rendered Zach speechless...yes, it really is that cool.

ChuchoRocktron Chromatic Tuner Pedal
Even Chucho can operate this puppy with one paw. And it’s only $50.

Rocktron X Tune Chromatic Pedal Tuner

You think it's cool Chucho can use this tuner? You should see him tune his autoharp...

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