Egnater Amps Prove Innovative at a Nice Price

Egnater Rebel-30 112 Combo Amp

The Egnater Rebel-30 112 Combo features the 'Tube Mix' blend control - one of the most impressive features of these amps.

We just received our first Egnater Amps and we feel we really made the right choice in adding these to our line up at Mass St Music.  Everyone that’s tried them out so far here has been really impressed not only with the performance, but the innovative design (particularly the blend control between the power tubes!) and the great pricing. Our own Jesse Roberts shares his take on some of the coolest features of our newest amp line…

Overall, the Egnater Amps are a really great value – all tube, killer construction and  they’ve designed these so you can easily get the sound you’re after. There are some pretty amazing features though that really make these stand out.  The ‘Tube Mix’ control on select Egnater amps is an awesome addition that really changes the sound of the amp. It lets you choose the amount of blend, if any, you want between the power tubes. In the Rebel series, they have a pair of 6V6s and a pair of EL84s, so if you want the smoother, rich cleans of traditional American 6V6s, or the gritty chime of British EL84s, you can dial up any mix of the two you like. It’s all accessible in real time with the ‘Tube Mix’ knob on the control panel. Super cool.

Egnater Rebel 20 Amp Head

The Rebel-20 Amp head gives you incredible tonal control and power in a compact, reasonably priced package.

The ‘Watts’ control is another great aspect of some Egnater amps. Simply turn the dial to adjust your power level, accessing more wattage and thus, more head room. If you want low-wattage crunch it’s yours. If you want loads of clean head room, it’s yours. Yet another function that adds to the extreme versatility of Egnater’s heads and combos.

Egnater Tweaker-40 112 Combo Amp

The Egnater Tweaker-40 Combo amp gives you 40 watts, super sculptable all-tube tone with 11 'tweaker' switches and comes in at just $799.

Along with these two controls, the ‘Tweaker’ switches included on all of Egnater’s amps are impressive. Flip the ‘Bright’ or ‘Tight’ switch, and you can tell a drastic difference, not just a miniscule change that no one in the audience will be able to hear. All these innovations really let you custom tailor your sound – these are really impressive amps at reasonable prices.


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