January 2012 Mass St Music Staff Gear Picks!

We’ve got a nice roundup of new gear this month and this is the cream of the crop, in our humble estimation:

John FlynnSeuf OH-19
This Seuf is remarkable in every aspect. Extremely resonant and a complete joy to play. It also is some of the best relic work we have ever seen. Dave Seuferling may be a bit under the radar, but his instruments are as nice (and in most cases nicer) than the best relic builders out there, and they come in at prices that are unmatched.

Seuf OH-19 Strat Style Electric Guitar, Firemist Gold finish

The Seuf OH-19, 'Remarkable' says Boss Flynn


Jim Baggett1921 Gibson A Junior Mandolin
This shows its age (you would too after 91 years), but it’s a great player with a really nice, full sound.

vintage Gibson 1921 A Junior Mandolin

Jim's pick turns 91 this year but still sounds sweet.


Tim NelsonBourgeois Vintage Mahogany Dread
I love this guitar. It has a nice open quality to it with plenty of volume – it sounds like a good dreadnought should. The bass response is tremendous without sounding tubby.  The folks at Bourgeois always build a nice guitar. I’ve been very happy with the quality coming out of their shop.

Bourgois Vintage Mahogany Dread acoustic guitar

Tim's pick 'sounds like a good dread should'.


Matthew KhomsiMono M80 Bass Guitar Case
I am so impressed with the quality and reliability of these cases.  They’re durable, lightweight and not cumbersome like some cases that offer the same amount of protection.  Ever since I got my Mono bag, I haven’t wanted to use any other case.

The Mono M80 Bass Guitar Hybrid Case, in black

Matthew bought one of the Mono M80 Hybrid Cases for himself


Alek NelsonFender Pro Junior III Red October 1×10 Amp
The tones you can pull out of the Fender Pro Jr. III Red October are sweet! Even at lower volumes you will hear that beautiful tube breakup! Ideal for getting huge recorded sounds and equally great as a practice/performing amp.

Fender Pro Junior III Red October 110 amplifier

Alek chose the Pro Junior III Red October in part for its 'beautiful tube breakup'.


Ted KritikosNord Stage 2 SW73 Keyboard
This Nord is just so powerful.  I love that you don’t have to sort through menus to make the sounds you want – there’s a knob for everything.  And the waterfall action makes this baby play just like a B3!

Nord Stage 2 SW73 Keyboard (Red)

When you're next in the store, ask Ted to demo this keyboard (ask for his rendition of Booker T's 'Green Onions', it's amazing).


Zach Mehl Zvex Instant Lo-Fi Junky Pedal
This is sweet. It sounds like an old tape deck or record player, with a real vintage sound.

Zvex Instant Lo-Fi Junky guitar effects pedal

'Sweet!', to quote Zach.


Eric PutnamFulltone Plimsoul Pedal
The first time I plugged into this pedal I loved it. The two gain stages are great – allowing you to get any tone from a light blues to an over-the-top high gain sound. If you’re looking for a solid, versatile overdrive/distortion box, this is it.

Electro-Harmonix Plimsoul guitar effects pedal

Eric's pick: solid yet versatile distortion/overdrive with the EH Plimsoul


Isaac FlynnSeuf OH-20F
This Seuf plays incredibly well. It’s one of the nicest teles I’ve ever played, with a super light weight and a great neck. The finish looks incredible too. Dave is truly a master craftsman.

Seuf OH-20F semi hollow tele style electric guitar with f hole, burst finish

Isaac calls the Seuf OH-20F 'one of the nicest teles I've ever played.'


Josh BaldridgeRepair ShopEastman T186MX Thinline
Lately I’ve been comparing a lot of pedals and tubes and this Eastman T186MX Thinline has become the humbucker guitar that I have gone to again and again.  The Duncan 59s are wonderful for tweaking til you get just the right tone. Full-on this guitar drives an amp the way you need to rock. Turn down the guitar volumes to pull back the drive and it gives you a smooth, clean sound without the biting treble. To really darken things up for your jazz gigs, the pickups respond well to the tone controls. I’m going to have to get one of these soon because it is too much fun to miss out on.

Eastman T186MX Thinline Electric guitar, classic finish

Josh loves the Duncan 59s in this Eastman T186MX Thinline


Jesse RobertsElectro-Harmonix POG 2 Pedal
Crazy cool. This POG 2 sounds fantastic. Welcome to octave town. Dial up everything from lush, organ sounding tones, to harsher synth-esque sounds, to a subtle touch of depth on the back end of your playing. It has plenty of presets to save your favorite effects, and is extremely simple to use. It even works well with an acoustic.

Electro-Harmonix Pog 2 guitar effects pedal

'Welcome to octave town'


Anne TangemanGold Tone Banjitar
I’m not really a banjo player, but with this crazy Banjitar, it’s ok. You’ve got a banjo guitar with six strings, a pickup and a sound sure to drive the neighbors away. I kid. This is a total blast to play.

Gold Tone Banjitar banjo guitar

This Gold Tone Banjitar is 'a blast to play'.


ChuchoMass Street Music Microfiber Polish Cloth
Chucho doesn’t really clean guitars here at the store – tough to do with paws, but if he did he’d use this cloth to do it, and it also does seem to double quite well as a chew toy, which he can actually attest to. It’s super soft and won’t scratch delicate guitar finishes. We use these around the store and in the shop, and wouldn’t have put our name on it if we didn’t think it was the best polishing cloth around.

Mass Street Music guitar polish cloth (photographed on top of an acoustic guitar)

If we could just get Chucho a pair of people hands we could have him help clean the guitars...


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