Top 10 Gifts for the Musician 2011

Here’s our annual Mass Street Music end-of-year list of  the best music accessories and gift ideas around for your favorite guitarist, mando or banjo player. These are totally essential items that make great gifts for friends, family, or for you!

The Bargains: $13  – $50:

String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger
A classic. We’ve been carrying the String Swing for years and use them here in our store too. They’re built well, priced right and around the house keep your acoustic or electric guitar or bass out of reach of the dog and kids. Plus we like looking at our guitars on the wall, sort of ‘instant art.’  Also available for mandos and banjos. $13

String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger

The String Swing is total classic for good reason!


Fender Folding Electric Guitar Stand
These are brand new, but have quickly proven themselves to be totally indispensable! Super compact (just 12” long when folded up), it’s also really lightweight and perfect for gigging musicians since you can pack it in your gig bag or just about anywhere, even your back pocket. Super smart design and a nice price. $20

Fender Folding Guitar Stand

A stealth fighter? No, it's this year's coolest guitar stand, from Fender!

Snark Clip On Tuner or Tuner and Metronome
The Snark really took center stage this year and quickly became a favorite for a variety of musicians. The Clip On Tuner is super compact, really easy to use and priced well. Perfect for your guitarist, mando or banjo playing buddy. The Snark Tuner and Metronome is also chromatic and perfect for a variety of players, but really great for those starting out. It’s easy to operate and to read plus the metronome function is invaluable for folks starting out. $20

Snark Clip on Chromatic Tuner

This Snark is the coolest clip on tuner of the year - hands down.

One Spot Adapter by Visual Sound
We’ve carried this crazy cool adapter for several years now and haven’t found anything that beats it on reliability, price and design. It makes a great replacement for that lost Boss PSA (and many other adapters), but even better it takes up just ‘one spot’ on your power strip instead of hogging it up. It can power up your pedal board too. One of the coolest, cheapest and most useful items for any electric player. $25

Visual Sound One Spot Adapter

The One Spot Adapter - a favorite of ours for several years now.

Quantum CSQI 18 Foot Instrument Cable
This cable has been one of our favorites for years – it’s super reliable (lifetime guarantee!) and oxygen free assuring you of great tone, but it also has a great retro vintage vibe with the colored wrap which comes in different colors. Also no hassles trying to suss out whose cord is whose after a gig as they’re unique too! $26

Quantum CSQI 18' vintage wrapped instrument cable

These Quantum cables are sharp looking and guaranteed for life!

Blue Chip Pick
These are, granted, not cheap picks – but they’re truly different and superior, so much so that this is the second year we’ve put them on our Top 10. They’re relied upon by many musicians including Chris Thile of the Punch Brothers as well as our own repair shop manager, Mike Horan of the Midday Ramblers. Super durable, perfect feel and practically indestructible. One of these makes a supremely thoughtful gift for your favorite picker. $35

Blue Chip TAD40 Pick

Is a $35 pick really worth it? Heck yeah, just ask Chris Thile or our repair shop manager, Mike H.

Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Accessories Pack or Electric Guitar Accessories Pack
The folks behind D’addario Strings have made a super cool pack of some essentials every guitarist needs, whether starting out or a gigging pro. There isn’t a guitarist around who wouldn’t want these goods…10 medium picks, a pack of the most popular strings (same brand our shop uses too!), a compact guitar stand, and one of our favorites, the PW clip on chromatic tuner –  accurate, easy to use and compact. You can’t go wrong with this one. $42.95 Acoustic/$39.95 Electric

Planet Waves Guitar Accessories Pack for Acoustic Guitar

This Guitar Accessories Pack is perfect for both new and veteran guitarists.

The Splurges: $90 – $130

Pitchblack Tuner
Whether on stage, the studio or at home, this Pitchblack Tuner has made a real difference for musicians with a ultra super accuracy that can’t be beat, plus true bypass – something other stage tuners often lack. $90

Pitchblack stage guitar tuner

Deadly accurate, priced right, and built for the long haul.

Kala MK-B Baritone Uke
We carry a good deal of ukes, because simply put, they’re a heck of a lot of fun for both beginners looking to move to guitar down the road or players just looking for something new to try. This baritone has only four strings and is tuned to the high four strings of a guitar, plus its size is slightly bigger than a soprano or concert uke. It’s perfect for smaller hands not ready for a full-on guitar, yet it’s easy to transition to one when you’re ready. Lots of fun. $90

Kala MK-B Baritone Ukulele Uke

This Kala MK-B Baritone Uke is easy to learn and incredibly fun. Great for newbies to strings instruments too.

Fender Mustang I Amp
This 20 watt Fender amps is one of our go-to amps for those starting out and those wanting something for home practice that won’t break the bank or the walls. You get a heck of a lot of amp for $99 including classic amp presets and effects built right in – and the best part is it’s easy to use. Seriously. From classic sounds to creating your own – this is a blast and enables you to do so much. Has a headphone input too so you can rock out anytime of day or night. $99

Fender Mustang I guitar amplifier

Fender's Mustang I amp is an incredible amount of amp & effects for just $99

Yamaha JR1 Acoustic ¾ size
Doesn’t every kid want to try their hand at guitar at some point? We checked out a lot of guitars before choosing this JR1 for one of our introductory acoustics for smaller hands. One of the biggest reasons kids give up guitar is that some just aren’t really playable – or fixable! The action is wrong or the tuners won’t stay put or it’s just constructed poorly. But this Yamaha is awesome and delivers great playability for smaller hands and great sound, so as the hands develop, so does the ‘ear’. It’s priced low, but built really well and we’ve for seen for ourselves how it has started many folks out on a lifetime journey with music. $130

Yamaha JR1 3/4 size acoustic guitar

The Yamaha JR1 is no toy - it's a 3/4 sized real player with great sound.


Of course, a gift card is always a great idea, and we’ve got those too at Mass Street Music.

What the staff would gift themselves from our store if the sky was the limit:

Collings CJ MhA SSSB – perfection
Collings SJ Acoustic – best appointments, perfect amount of ‘flair’ – not too much but perfect.
Bourgeois Vintage OM Custom
Nord Electro 3HP
Grosh RCHT – really any Grosh!
Eastman E10 OM


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