November 2011 Mass St Music Staff Gear Picks

The sun has finally returned at our store in Lawrence after some heavy duty, but appreciated rains. The Repair Shop is rocking The Band right now and all is well. Here’s a look at some of the gear that’s been turning our heads this month:

John FlynnGrosh Retro Classic Hollow T
Without a doubt, the sweetest tele on the planet.

Don Grosh Retro Classic Hollow T tele style electric guitar with cat-eye f hole and burst finish

Flynn's pick is Grosh's latest RCHT with a killer cat-eye f hole plus Grosh G-90 and GT pickups.


Jim BaggettEastman MD514 F Style Mando
Really nice sound on this mandolin – love the oval soundhole.

Eastman MD514 F Style mandolin with oval soundhole

Jim's favorite is this beautiful Eastman MD514 mando.


Tim NelsonMartin OM-18GE Custom (used)
This is a wonderful guitar at a big savings off of what it cost new. It was built in Martin’s custom shop and has a lot of really nice features. I really like the simple but elegant look of the instrument. The woods are exceptional, including the neck which is built out of nice figured Mahogany. I have really come to believe the hide glue option makes a really big difference in the tone of Martin guitars. The sound is nice and round like you would expect from Martin – it’s also clear and bell like. This is a very special Martin OM.

Martin OM-18GE Custom acoustic guitar

Tim's fave is this used Martin OM-18GE Custom which may be one of the best deals in the store right now.


Matthew KhomsiFender Modern Player Tele Bass
Cool looks aside, this bass provides the perfect bluesy, vintage-style tone that is mellow and deep.  This bass is a perfect contribution to Fender’s line up.

Fender Modern Player Tele Bass

Matthew's choice - the Fender MP Tele Bass has a great 'bluesy, vintage-style tone'.


Alek NelsonFender Blues Deluxe Reissue Amp
If you love the Hot Rod Deluxe but want a little more warmth to your tone, this Blues Deluxe Reissue is perfect. This is an update of the 1993 Tweed series that took the great legendary ’50s Deluxe and customized it with channel switching and reverb.  It’s a vintage-style all-tube amp with “boutique” tone at a great price.

Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue Amp

Alek's loves this Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue's warm boutique tone and non-boutique price.


Ted KritikosQuantum CSQI Vintage Cable 18 Foot
I love these cables!  Not only do they feature quality 1/4″ connectors, they make me look even more like a rock star when I’m on stage.  They’re super low capacitance so they wont choke my awesome tone.  Plus, did I mention that they look awesome?

Quantum vintage style 18 ft guitar cable

One of Mass St Music's favorites cords gets a thumbs up from newly returned Ted K.


Isaac FlynnFender Limited Edition Red October Blues Junior
I’m all about the limited editions that Fender has been making lately – cool classics with a twist.

Fender Blues Junior Limited Edition Red October amp

Isaac's pick is Fender's uber cool 'Red October' Blues Junior amp


Zach MehlKala MKB Baritone Uke
Way more fun than I anticipated. Easy to play and bigger than a soprano. Very cool.

Kala MKB Makala Baritone Ukulele

This Kala Baritone is Zach's top pick this month


Josh BaldridgeRepairsFender Modern Player Marauder
We just got the Fender Modern Player Series in and they have been great. The build quality of these instruments is on par with the Japanese models and they are unbeatable for the price. I had a chance to sit down with the Marauder and a Hot Rod Deluxe amp to give a listen to the unique pickup configuration. The 5-way switch is full of variety. In the 1st position you get a real humbucker bridge position tone with the mids pushed way out front like you would expect. The 2nd position includes all of the “Tripplebucker” coils which pulls the mids back and gives the pickup more chime…like adding a single coil to a humbucker. In the middle position the switch selects just one coil of the bridge pickup for your single coil needs, then 4 adds the Jazzmaster pickup, and 5 is the neck pickup by itself. If you want to bring more sonic variety to your guitar rig, this is the perfect workhorse for your arsenal. For a closer look check out this Fender Marauder pickup/switching schematic.

Fender Modern Player Marauder with blue finish

Josh put this Fender Marauder through it's paces and it came out a champ.


Mike RunyonRepairsCollings 01SB (Used )
I’ve always loved this size guitar. This one is incredibly lively and projects well. It’s fun to play, and easy on the eyes. The Sitka top has a beautiful burst finish that ties it in perfectly with the Mahogany sides and back. It’s definitely been well cared for, no noticeable wear and nearly perfect finish all ’round.

Collings 01SB acoustic guitar

Mike's favorite this month has captured a lot of looks from the whole staff actually - great guitar!


Jesse Roberts1921 Gibson A Junior Mando (Used)
I tend to always love old Gibson oval-hole mandos, and this A Junior is no exception. It has a rich tone and fantastic resonance. The midrange on this mandolin is superb, so much so that I seem to want to stay on the D string. It just sings. Playability is great, and I really like its dark look – deep brown wood and a pitchy pickguard.

1921 Vintage Gibson A Junior mandolin

Jesse's keen on this vintage Gibson A mando - still a great player after 90 years!


Anne TangemanFender Modern Player Marauder
I have to second Josh on this one – this Marauder is a really a fantastic guitar with a lot of versatility, and at a great price. The build is good, the finish is spectacular, and you just couldn’t want more from the pickups. It has a really great feel to it and if I’m not careful I might end up with one myself.

Fender Modern Player Marauder electric guitar, blue

This Fender MP Marauder is a sonic beast.


ChuchoStanton DJ Pro 60 Headphones
When Chucho is throwing down he prefers these Stanton DJ Pro headphones. They’re a great price, super reliable and even come with a carrying pouch he likes to attach to his collar for easy transport. And they look pretty freaking cute on a dog, but he wouldn’t hold still long enough for us to get a photo. Rock on Chucho.

Stanton DJ Pro 60 Headphones

Chucho's fave this month is the Stanton DJ Pro 60 Headphones


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