Winfield 2011 – 40th Anniversary was a soggy, yet fantastic time!

Jim, John, Tim, and Josh returned from nearly a week at Winfield drenched, but happy. The best part of the annual festival is seeing old friends, making new ones and just hanging out jamming. Here are a few photos  from the guys, who had set up our Mass Street Music booth in our regular spot under the grandstand. Old friends came by like Beppe Gambetta, Stephen Bennett, Tommy Emmanuel and Todd Hallawell and last year’s winner Jason Shaw did an impromptu jam. Hope you all had as much fun there as we did!

Jim Baggett, Federica and Beppe Gambetta, Tanya at Winfield 2011

Our fearless leader Jim Baggett with Federica and Beppe Gambetta, and Tanya from Ome Banjos


John and Jami Flynn with Taylor Guitar's Eric Sakimoto at Winfield 2011

Our other fearless leader, Flynn with his lovely wife Jami and our Taylor buddy Eric Sakimoto


Jason Shaw jams at Winfield 2011

One of last year's Winfield winners, Jason Shaw (guitar) jamming with Stan


Todd Hallawell playing guitar, Winfield 2011

Todd Hallawell jamming in our Winfield 'store'


Jim Baggett, Stephen Bennett, Doug Burgoyne at Winfield 2011

Jim with Stephen Bennett and Doug Burgoyne


Stephen Bennett playing guitar at the Mass St Music booth Winfield 2011

Stephen Bennett working his magic


Kay Hallawell, Tommy Emmanuel, Todd Hallawell, Jim Baggett

Rain? Ha! Kay, Tommy Emmanuel, Todd, Jim


John Flynn with our latest ukulele recruit

Winfield's future: Tyree returned this year, and caught on to playing the uke from Flynn really quickly.


Jamming in the mass st store at Winfield 2011

Saturday night jam at our booth

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