How Does a (Collings, Eastman, Bourgeois) Sound?

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It’s tough to tell just how a guitar sounds on the internet, but we set our intrepid Boss Flynn to the task of setting down some tracks to show our out-of-town customers just how beautiful a few of our Eastmans, Collings and Bourgeois acoustics sound. While listening to Mp3 and wav files won’t give you the exact aural experience of playing the instrument yourself, it will help differentiate between which instrument has the sound you’re after.  Flynn recorded the tracks at Lawrence’s own Art House Recording Studio and we think they sound pretty wonderful, and are true to the sound of the guitars. We hope these will give you a little more insight on what each of these exceptional  instruments is really all about. You’ll be able to see the sound files on our Mass St Music website as a blue button at the end of a guitar’s description, or check out our account on SoundCloud. Look for more soon!

Eastman Acoustic Guitar Sound Files include:
Eastman AC412
Eastman AC512CE
Eastman E10 OM
Eastman E20 OM
Eastman E10 D
Eastman E20 D
Eastman E10 P Parlor
Eastman E20 P Parlor

Collings Acoustic Guitar Sound Files include:
Collings OM1A Cutaway
Collings OM1 SS Engelmann Spruce
Collings SJ German  Spruce

Bourgeois Acoustic Guitar Sound Files include:
Bourgeois Vintage OM Custom Rosewood
Bourgeois Vintage Mahogany OM Custom

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