September 2011 Mass St Music Staff Gear Picks!

We have had some great new and used gear come in the store lately, from new cables and pedals to electrics and acoustics. Here are a few of the items that have been causing the staff to do a double-take this month.

John FlynnFender Platinum Cables
These are great cables that compete head on with all the other high end cables out there, at a fraction of the price. A really nice feature is that they lay out perfectly too, with no kinks or twists.

Fender Platinum instrument Cable 20 foot

Flynn's calling this Fender Platinum Cable one of the best deals in the house right now.

Tim NelsonNash TK-54
This Nash really captures the sound and feel of a vintage Tele, as well as the appearance. The Lollar pickups in this are perfect.

Nash TK-54 Tele Style Electric Guitar

Tim's got Nash fever over this TK-54

Jim BaggettCollings I-35 LC
Really wonderful instrument – a modern classic.

Collings I-35 LC semi hollow electric guitar

A modern classic


Matthew KhomsiDrake Wilma Bass
There just isn’t anything else out there like this. It’s really unique, beautifully built, and sounds amazing. Love the EMG pickups.

one of a kind Drake electric bass

Drake's one of a kind 'Wilma' bass is Matthew's favorite this month


Alek NelsonSquier Classic Vibe Tele Custom
This plays really well and has some nice ‘deluxe’ attributes including binding. The pickups are great too. I think it’s a real bargain.

Fender Classic Vibe Tele Custom

Squier's 'deluxe' tele rocks!


Isaac FlynnGibson Grabber Bass (used)
The sliding humbucker is awesome. I was surprised at how well it actually works. There is a definite difference in tone depending on where the pickup is slid. I also think this bass looks really cool, and it’s super lightweight, so it allows for maximum rock ‘n roll.

70s Gibson Grabber electric Bass

A sliding pickup on this '70s Gibson Grabber bass gives you nice tonal variation.


 Zach MehlJetter Gold Shift Pedal
The Gold Shift is very aggressive yet very versatile: the gain can be dialed up pretty high while still maintaining percussive picking. It can also be toned back pretty far, for a more bluesy drive. Love this one.

Jetter Gold Shift Guitar Effects pedal

Zach loves this Jetter Gold Shift pedal


Repair ShopJosh BaldridgeGrosh Blown 59 B Humbucker Pickup
We recently installed one of these for a really great player in town who uses it for rock, jazz, and fusion projects…he loves it. I was struck by the way this pickup hits the amp aggressively and still retains a rich vintage feel. If you need versatility from classic to crunchy, this will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Grosh Blown 59 B bridge humbucker pickup black

Josh's pick is the Grosh Blown 59B bridge pickup - and it's customer approved!


Repair ShopMike RunyonBourgeois Vintage Mahogany OM Custom
After hearing boss Flynn’s recording on the Bourgeois, and talking to Mike H., who checked this out last month, I had to give this a play myself. This OM Custom struck me instantly as a really exceptional acoustic. It’s obvious that Dana is an expert with ‘voicing’ these beauties, and I appreciate the traditional hide glue construction. This looks, feels and plays like a guitar that’s twice the cost.

Bourgeois Vintage Mahogany OMCustom

Second month in a row this Bourgeois has impressed one of our luthiers


Jesse RobertsBart Reiter Galax Banjo
Another splendid Bart banjo. A scooped fingerboard with a star at the 5th, Maple rim, and a Whyte Laydie – it’s a simple beauty. Crisp but resonant, and sounds wonderful. I always have a hard time putting this one down.

Bart Reiter Galax banjo

Jesse calls this Galax 'Splendid'.


Anne TangemanMartin 000-15M
Love love love this all-Mahogany, smaller bodied guitar. This has a great sound and I don’t want to put it down. I understand why blues players have favored this style. Sounds great and it’s just one of those guitars that you would hang on to forever.

Martin 000-15M mahogany acoustic guitar

This 000-15M Mahogany has a simple beauty and great sound.


ChuchoKala Hybrid Soprano Uke Case
Just small enough for Chucho to take a nap in. Super durable, but lighter than a hard case and easier to carry around with adjustable backpack straps. Very similar to our favorite Gator Hybrid case for guitars.

Kala hybrid soprano uke case

Chucho's favorite, this Kala Hybrid Soprano Uke Case, is 'just right'


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