Helweg Custom Pedalboards at Mass St Music

The Helweg Mass St. Ltd. Edition Pedalboard with cover....sharp!

After realizing the pedalboard he wanted didn’t exist, Michael Helweg decided to build his own. Luckily for Mass St. Music, he didn’t stop there, and he’s been making high caliber custom pedalboards ever since. Lawrence-based builder Helweg is making some of the best boards around, with amazing craftsmanship, endless attention to detail, and most importantly a focus on functionality. With a woodworking background and a love for music, he was inspired by the small American guitar and amp builders who produce quality, hand-made products. Helweg wanted to create a pedalboard that would measure up. And did he ever. When you order from Helweg you can choose between colors, woods, patterns, sizes, even the design – the name says it, these boards are truly custom built to fit your musical needs. Add a cover, throw in a JHS Little Black Buffer or a Voodoo Lab power supply, and you’ll be ready to add your pedals and start playing. Amazing looks, amazing functionality, in a board that will never let you down. These pedalboards are as good as it gets.

We recently received three Helweg Mass St. Music limited edition pedalboards directly from Helweg and are incredibly impressed with the results. Our own Matthew Khomsi chose the design colors and sizing – emerald green with an ivory stripe. You can order a custom board directly from Helweg, but as the wait can be upwards of two months, we’re thrilled to offer these specially designed Mass Street Music edition pedalboards, ready to go. These are just what we wanted and, we think, awesome in every respect.

“Michael’s pedalboards are spot on. They’re functionally amazing and the craftsmanship is perfect.” – John F.

Helweg Mass St Music Ltd. Edition Pedalboard with cover, closed

Matthew chose the colors and size for our Helweg Mass St. Music Ltd. Edition Pedalboards - nice one!


Here’s what our buddy and MSM vet Brian Soden had to say after checking these out: “This is probably the last pedalboard you’d ever have to buy, seriously. Strong and sturdy, the construction is really good. The lid on the bottom is great, keeps your cables concealed so none of it gets banged around. Plus it looks killer, not like an industrial case, but more like a sweet amp!”



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