August 2011 Mass St Music Staff Gear Picks!

No denying it, it’s the dog days of summer. We’ve been holed up indoors staying cool and hope you are too. Here’s what we’ve had our eye on around the store lately:

John FlynnMono Cases
Incredible gig bags that are lightweight, indestructible, look really sweet, have tons of extra storage cavities, and are so much more convenient than cases. Worth every penny. I have the double electric and now the acoustic too. Also going to get one of their back packs .

Mono guitar gig bag

John is loving the new Mono gig bags!


Jim BaggettBourgeois Vintage Mahogany OM Custom
Wonderful instrument – the choice of woods is exceptional with a wider grained top and really pretty flamed Mahogany back and sides. This has a nice bright, crisp sound – hammer ons and pull offs come off really cleanly.

Bourgeois vintage Mahogany OM acoustic guitar

Both Jim and Mike agree this is the one the best in the house right now!

Tim NelsonCollings C10 SS SB Custom
Absolutely remarkable. It is really mature sounding for a brand new guitar. It has a killer mid-range, making for an incredibly sweet sound. As always the burst from Collings is so nice and the fit and finish work is stellar. This guitar will most assuredly make anybody who buys it a better player because they will never want to put it down.

Collings C10 acoustic guitar with sunburst finish

Tim's favorite!


Matthew KhomsiMass St. Ltd. Edition Helweg Pedalboard with cover
This is absolutely the coolest board I have ever seen!  The magnetically beveled bottom seals nicely and the custom made cover just adds sleek class and professionalism.  Michael Helweg makes a killer board and with the versatility of being able to run effects in mono or stereo, I believe these pedal boards are at the top of their class.

Helweg ltd edition Pedalboard with cover

Matthew's pick is the 'sleek and professional' Helweg Pedalboard


Alek NelsonFender Road Worn Tele
This Fender telecaster is a great player – it was designed using 1950s specs augmented by Tex-Mex pickups and 6105 frets. The relic job exhibits a great attention to detail and the body sports a blonde finish which nicely set off the worn look. Once in a while, you come across a particular guitar that exemplifies a model you’ve played more then a few times and this Tele has it all- it simply rocks!

Fender Roadworn 50s Tele electric guitar

Alek's pick is a smooth player with a lived in feel


Isaac FlynnSeuf SF-10 Jazzmaster Style
I want it!

Seuf SF-10 Jazzmaster style electric guitar

Isaac has caught Seuf fever because of this Seuf SF-10 Jazzmaster Style


Zach MehlART USB Phono Plus Preamp
Incredibly useful if you’re into vinyl – a definite problem solver and easy to use.

ART phono plus preamp

Total problem solver!


Repair ShopMike HoranBourgeois Vintage Mahogany OM Custom
This new OM Bourgeois is spectacular.  We just started carrying this line of instruments again, and I couldn’t be happier with their quality of workmanship and tone.  This particular guitar has an openness that is uncommon in a new Adirondack top.  It has less of a pronounced midrange than some other modern makers, making up for it with an airier, more responsive bass end.  All in all, it has an older sound than any OM in the store right now.

Bourgeois Vintage Mahogany OM acoustic guitar

"Spectacular" says our shop manager Mike H, who also picked this Bourgeois VM OM


Repair ShopMatt HarmonFender Mod Shop Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Strat Pickups
Josh and I have been searching for a good sounding noiseless pickup that doesn’t break the bank and we finally found one. Fender no longer makes this model, so we grabbed a few sets. Definitely worth checking out if you’re tired of 60 cycle hum on your strat but want to avoid the higher cost of a boutique set.

Fender Mod Shop Samarium Cobalt Noiseless strat pickups

Affordable noiseless single coil pups that get the thumbs up from Matt H and Josh in the Repair Shop.


Jesse RobertsEastman MD505 CL Mandolin
I’ve always been one for A-Style Mandos, and this MD505 is fantastic. Responsive, balanced, and clear, it has a bold low-end and surprising volume. Superb resonance, this mando has an individual sound that makes it hard to put down. And of course, Eastman’s beautiful nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Great price too.

Eastman 505CL A Style mandolin

This Eastman 505CL mando is Jesse's favorite this month


Anne TangemanDr. Z 110 Cab
The Z 110 is super portable, packs a gritty punch and coolest of all, can be tricked out with a head chassis install. Very cool.

dr. Z 110 amplifier cabinet, black finish

Dr. Z's 110 cab is simple yet powerful


ChuchoMass Street Music coffee mug
It’s hot outside and Chucho needs to keep hydrated. His preferred water holder? This swank Mass St Music coffee mug. Chucho’s not big on Flynn’s ‘curl yer toes’ dark coffee, but he sure likes a swig of water from it while hanging out in the repair shop.


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