July 2011 Mass St Music Gear Staff Picks!!

From some crazy cool vintage guitars to new acoustics and some of the best basses we’ve ever seen, July is shaping up to be a very interesting month at the store. Here’s what we think is the cream of the crop right now at Mass St Music:

John FlynnSeuf SF-20 Tele Style
This Seuf is a guitar that should sell for way more money. The highest level of relic work coupled with incredible playability and tone. It does not get any better.


Seuf SF-20 Tele Style electric guitar

John's pick for perfection this month

Jim BaggettBourgeois Vintage D Custom Acoustic
This is a wonderful player with great build quality – very nice.

Bourgeois Vintage D Acoustic

This Bourgeois Vintage D made Jim take a second look

Tim NelsonMartin LX1 Acoustic
Summer vacation and camping season got me to thinking about this little LX1. It’s very compact and comes with a gigbag – perfect to take along when a full size guitar is not practical. These also make good guitars for kids!

The Martin LX1 acoustic guitar

This is a great all purpose 3/4 size for kids, travel or camping - Tim's fave this month

Matthew KhomsiGrosh PJ4 Bass
If I could buy a new bass right now, this would be it, hands down.

Grosh PJ4 bass guitar

Matthew wants this bass bad

Alek NelsonFulltone 70BC Fuzz Pedal
I just sat down with this for the first time and wow is it cool! Tons of fuzz, but it still has warmth. It has two intentionally mismatched (for Harmonic content) silicon transistors that have a lot of bite, much more fuzz than the ’69 pedal and includes a Mid control for extra clarity and cut. And it looks awesome! This is on my top 10 list of things to buy!

Fulltone 70 BC Fuzz Pedal

Ultra Fuzzadelic Fulltone 70 BC pedal!

Zach MehlKala KA SC Concert Uke
This is the coolest looking uke around, and who doesn’t like ukeleles? You can take it anywhere, it’s relatively inexpensive, a Sitka Spruce top and it takes no time to learn to play. Youke can totally  ruke with this uke!

Kala KA-SC Concert Uke

Zach's got the uke bug now!

Isaac FlynnSeuf SF-18 J Bass Style
This Seuf competes easily with any bass out there. It has a sleek vintage look, and it sounds like a classic 60s Fender. I also love that it’s light weight, and the neck is absolutely perfect.

Seuf SF-18 J Bass Style bass

This Seuf SF-18 J Style Bass is just one of the several uber cool basses we received this month

Jesse RobertsE10P Parlor Acoustic
I’ve always been one for larger-bodied acoustics, so I was surprised by how much I like this guitar. Fantastic resonance, surprising volume, and a solid, crisp response. You can really feel the solid Adirondack top, which I like. It plays extremely well, in part due to the wider nut width that really opens up your hands. Great tone and great feel, this is a Parlor that I want. And of course, you can’t beat a slotted headstock.

Eastman E10P Parlor Acoustic

This Eastman E10P Parlor Acoustic is as addictive as a can of pringles. Once you pick it up, you just don't want to put it down.

Anne TangemanMartin DRS1 Acoustic
I love this Martin DRS1 for its sound, but the price is nice too. This is similar to their all Mahogany D-15M, but features Sapele instead of Mahogany.  No frills and a great sound.

Martin DRS1 all Sapele dread guitar

This Martin DRS1 dread is good deal - warm sound, great price

Matt HarmonRepair ShopLoop Master ABY Pedal
Simple and to the point! Quality parts and basic design make this inexpensive A-B-Y pedal worthy of any pedal board.

Loop Master ABY effects pedal

Matt H loves this ingenious ABY pedal - great pedal, nice, small design

Josh BaldridgeRepair ShopIbanez S420 Electric
I have customers coming into the shop who are looking to get into a floating tremolo style of playing, but cheap floating trems tend to wear poorly and they refuse to stay in tune. The Zero Resistance bridge design on this Ibanez S420 BBS is the solution to that problem.  Another key feature to the ease of use is the ZPS2 Stabilization System…this will keep the bridge from flexing when you play a bend, thus keeping the other strings from going flat. At only $499, this is a great value for anyone wanting to shred the night away, and it sure is a blast to play.

Ibanez S420 electric guitar

Josh's favorite is this super thin, super shreddable Ibanez S420

Chucho Feadog Tin Whistle
Well, he’s not proficient at it yet, but Chucho’s making enough noise to make all the other dogs in the hood come running. Good boy Chucho, now try the lower notes.

Feadog Tin Whistle with instructional pamphlet

Chucho hasn't mastered 'The Old Washerwoman' yet, but has managed to round up the neighborhood dogs. He's getting better, really....

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