This Just In: Grosh SuperJet, killer Crowdster Player, New Mags and more


Grosh SuperJet electric guitar

Grosh's latest phenom, the SuperJet!

We recently received our very first Grosh SuperJet electric – a newer model for Grosh, and are really impressed with this. We’re also happy to have another Grosh ElectraJet S/S/H in the house – this one is a total rocker and really versatile. While Grosh makes exceptional instruments, they’ve also been making some real innovations with their own pickups and we’ve found them to be outstanding. Both these instruments are shining examples of their dedication to great tone.

Just about a week ago we also received a new shipment of Eastman acoustics and are fully stocked with two of the cannons we love from them – the Adirondack topped  E10D and the E20D, plus some very cool 300 and 400 series acoustics and cutaways  like the comfy Eastman AC312 and the affordable acoustic electric AC422CE. These are easily some of the best bang for the buck instruments out there right now. We are expecting a few more of the incredible Parlor Guitars soon too (my favorite!)

Gigging acoustic folks will be pleased to know we’ve got another Anderson Crowdster Player in the house. If you haven’t tried one of these, stop by and give it a spin. It’s a mind blower for the player seeking great acoustic tone with very high gain before feedback. This is an acoustic only, lower priced version of the innovative original Crowdster and it’s spectacular.

In amp news, Dr. Z prices have gone up a wee bit on a few models, but from here on out all Maz 18 and Maz 38s including NR versions will come standard with the EQ bypass (gain boost) mod, and an effects loop. The 18s will also have a 16 ohm speaker out and all Maz amps will now have a detachable AC cord. Progress, friends! If you’re looking for a bargain Z, we’ve reduced the price on the killer Dr. Z GT Head (now discontinued by Z) and this pre-upgrade Maz 38 Senior 212 Combo.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a little summer reading material, we’ve got brand spankin’ new issues of Fretboard Journal, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Aficionado and Bass Tone in the store. You can find them tucked in with our newly expanded book selection right at the front of the store.



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