June 2011 Mass St Music Staff Pics!

Happy Summer folks! We’ve got a load of cool new (and used) gear in the store right now – here’s what the staff has been eyeballin’ lately:

John FlynnFender SuperSonic 22 Amp

I must say that this amp was a total surprise to me. Not that I didn’t expect it to be a great value and, a good sounding amp but  I never expected it to grab me like most of the boutique amps I own and play. This amp really sounds fantastic. It’s a total blast to play and the power at 22 watts is perfect for most stage needs. It’s also really versatile and is priced amazingly well considering it’s a 2 channel amp that competes with amps costing far more. Big thumbs up from me on this one.

Fender Super Sonic amp

John's latest favorite

Jim BaggettEastman MD514 Mandolin

Nice sound and a great price.

Eastman MD514 F style mandolin

Jim's pick o' the month

Tim NelsonCollings MT Mandolin

The Collings MT continues to one of the best values in the mandolin world. Collings is known for their top notch quality and I don’t think these folks are capable of building anything that is short of darn near perfect. I can’t believe these aren’t more money. This mandolin plays and sounds exactly the way a high quality A style should. Absolutely killer.

Collings MT A style Mandolin

"Absolutely killer" Tim says

Matthew KhomsiYamaha P-95 Digital Piano

There isn’t a more popular digital piano than this P-95 and for good reason.  This offers a very familiar sensitivity on the keys, just like an acoustic piano.  In addition this  has several different sounds such as two different organs, harpsichord, voice, stings, etc which can all easily be accessed with the touch of a button.  If you are interested in replacing your acoustic piano with a lightweight, inexpensive, does-not-need-to-be-tuned digital piano, I highly recommend this Yamaha P-95.

Yamaha P-95 digital piano keyboard

The Yamaha P-95 is easily one of our most popular keyboards


Alek NelsonFender Passport 500 PRO PA system

This 8-channel PA system is awesome! It’s Fender’s most powerful portable PA system, and now has an input for recording with CD-quality (WAV) straight to a USB flash drive, which is really cool, plus CD-quality WAV and MP3 playback. This PA is perfect for small clubs, coffee houses, education, presentations – this pretty much does it all, really well. Plus when you’re ready to go, the speakers easily attach to the mixer for a super portable system.

Fender Passport 500 Pro portable PA system

Great sound, easy to use and super portable PA

Repair ShopMike HoranCollings D2H Custom 1 3/4″

This Collings D2H Custom 1 3/4″ sounds superb — it’s my favorite dreadnought in the store at the moment.  The custom features include Adirondack bracing and no tongue brace.  These, combined with a Sitka top, result in an extremely responsive guitar — one that already sounds broken in.  The notes literally leap off the strings.  The best Sitka/Indian Rosewood combo I’ve heard in a long while.

Collings D2H Custom 1.75 nutwidth

Mike's absolute favorite in the store right now

Isaac FlynnGrosh ElectraJet Standard

This is ridiculously cool, and like all Grosh guitars, it plays really well. I currently play a Grosh  EJ Standard, and this guitar would make a perfect companion for mine.

Grosh ElectraJet Standard Guitar

A classic in our eyes

Jesse Roberts1975 Fretless P Bass

This bass is fantastico. With a smooth look and even smoother play, this Vintage P Bass just feels good in your hands. By far my favorite bass we have in the shop right now – I can’t seem to put it down. Forget frets, this instrument is a dandy.

vintage 1975 Fender fretless P Bass

Jesse calls this smooth player a 'dandy'

Anne TangemanCollings 290 DCS

This thing is perfect. In every way. Perfect weight, incredible pickup, and of course it’s got that Johnny Thunders vibe that can’t be denied. The cadillac of cool electrics in my book.

Collings 290 DCS electric guitar

The coolest!

ChuchoVisual Sound One Spot Adapter

A total classic at Mass St Music – these folks make the coolest gadgets to fix all those little annoying problems like adaptor issues with an older pedal, daisy chains etc. This, one of their first, takes up just one spot on a power strip. Inexpensive and a sweet solution. Plus Chucho says the plastic blister pack makes for a great chew toy for at least 10 minutes.

Visual Sound One Spot power adapter

Inexpensive, small and a true problem solver





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