This Just In: Collings I-35s, Germino Amps & EVHs

Collings I-35 LC guitar

the first of our Collings I-35s - outstanding!

We received our first Collings I-35 LC – constructed from laminate wood giving true vintage tone. That beauty sold but we have a few more on the way in the next few months. We also just received two incredible solid I-35s, one burst and one jet black. These are absolutely incredible guitars. We’ve also started carrying EVH guitars — if you’re a shredder these are the ones for you as the Floyd Rose trem system lets you wander wherever and still land with both feet on the ground. Great pickups and impeccable build on these too. Speaking of shredding, we’ve also just received a few new treats from Greg Germino including this killer cab and the ultimate, this Club 40 Combo.

Kala Ukes – we just received some travel sized Kalas and we’re expecting a shipment any day of more regular sized ukes. Yay!

Coming down the road are a few new things…We’re excited to be carrying Bourgeois guitars and should be receiving our first ones in early June. We’re also getting in some brand new Ibanez electrics and can’t wait for these – we’ve always enjoyed their great build and value and are looking forward to some new Artcores as well as some new total rockers and basses. Also coming: an amazing Anderson Bulldog, Grosh pickups sold individually, and more Seymour Duncan pickups. Yes sir.

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